How to migrate IBM Lotus Notes emails to office 365?

The ever rising popularity of Office 365 is mainly the result of the long list of benefits that the software offers. Even, when it comes to the large business platforms and works, there are ample options present within Office 365 that can make work in the software a happy experience. As a result of these, a good number of users are migrating from IBM Lotus to Office 365. There, they can do their works much better and much swifter.

The problem stays in the process of migration. Migrating the files from IBM Lotus emails to the Office 365 is not an easy task and that is the reason advanced technical knowledge is required to a good degree. Moreover, proper transfer is essential to ensure that there happens no data loss of whichever kind. Here we will discuss over how to make that possible within limited means. It happens to be a step by step process and you need to be specific about the same.

For the initiation of the migration process, you can make use of the IMAP connector. You will have to connect it with IBM Notes and use the manual method for the following steps.

Creating Proper Backup NSF Files

Taking the backup of the mails of the existing user is the first task  that you will have to do. They will be the NSF files and the storage of the same will have to be ensured in order to make sure that no data loss takes place during the migration process.

Creating New Mailboxes

In this step new mailbox creation is of the utmost importance where the files can be saved later for each of the users.

IMAP TCP/IP port Activation for all the Users

For this work you will have to

  • Open the IBM Notes Domino Administrator
  • Then you should click on Configuration tab
  • Open Server document for server running the IMAP services
  • Thenclick on Ports, then Internet Ports and then Mail tab
  • Finally the default IMAP TCP/IP Port will be enabled
  • You can save and exit then.

IMAP Connector Connect

  • Now it the time for you to connect the Lotus Email Client with the IMAP Connector for the proper synchronization of the emails.

Now the proper migration process is waiting to happen. But if you do it with the IMAP connector there can be a number of limitations. On the other hand, you would be looking forward for an error free and proper migration. This is the reason, in such kind of processes, then use of the proper NSF to PST converter software is advised strongly.

Now you already have a good understanding of the manual process of the entire migration from Lotus Notes to Office 365. So you can keep it for the last option and at first go for the easier options, which are through the use of the efficient software. It is true that the systematic use of the NSF to PST Converter can be of great support for you in this regard. All you will have to do is to make a visit to stellar’s website for downloading free demo of NSF to PST converter tool. This happens to be the perfect software for the seamless conversion without any kind of complication.This tool supports latest Office 2019 & pre versions.