How to Professionally Take Care of UV-Bonding?

Bonding materials as a whole is cutting edge in innovative furniture construction, as well as shop fitting. It’s in the execution, nevertheless, where the wheat is separated from the chaff. Optimum work area layout, careful prep work, the ideal selection of materials, as well as, last but not least, the specialist handling of the entire procedure makes the difference. The company you hired should provide you whatever you need for a premium quality bond: such as a broad variety of design possibilities, short handling times, as well as small financial investments in devices. Open up new areas of the organization, as well as expand your offer. Below you will discover step by step exactly how to accomplish a premium quality UV bonding.


  • Cleaning and also Surface Pre-treatment


The best bonding result can be only achieved if the surface is immaculate. Consequently, complete cleaning of the material before bonding is of crucial importance. All bonding surface areas should be dry, clean, as well as devoid of oil. The cleaner used one should not leave any kind of deposits, as well as must not create splitting up layers on the bonding surfaces.

The need for cleaning of the bonding surfaces is insufficient for some products in order to achieve an excellent attachment of the adhesive. If a pre-treatment is called for, choosing the ideal system is necessary.


  • Dealing and Positioning


The sticky polymerizes while healing, as well as creates a network. Inadequate fixing of the bonding components might bring about this network being damaged. This will harm the last bonding strength. The long-term security of the bond can after that no more be ensured. A professional company will take care to avoid vibrations, shocks, or the sliding of the bonding components; hence, make certain the best possible handling.


  • UV Adhesives


At times, using UV healing adhesives is not possible. This is due to the fact that the bonding items are insufficiently transparent or the mix of the products to be bound, and the UV adhesives can cause chemical conflicts. In those instances, different two-component architectural adhesives are most suitable to be applied


  • Curing with UV Light


A professional company will use an extensive variety of UVA lamps for treating UV adhesives. Always select your lamp according to the area/size to be bound in order to achieve a uniform light direct exposure of the bonding surface areas.

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