How To Safeguard And Protect Your PC

Currently, 6 out of 10 users dump personal information in the cloud, applications and social networks, exposing themselves daily to the theft of their data. Install an antivirus? Configure privacy on social networks? Create a complex password? What should be done to prevent illegal access to our messages and content?

To guarantee the privacy of the information on Dell PowerEdge R740, the specialist recommends taking a series of measures that ensure the data hosted on PCs, notebooks, smartphones and tablets. 

  • Updating Is Key

The apps on our devices can be updated manually or allow them to update automatically. If we keep the apps updated, the latest features can be accessed with stability and security improvements. This allows solving the failures and errors of previous versions, such as those that register data protection, for example.

Recently WhatsApp activated the end-to-end encryption of its users’ communications so that only the sender and the recipient can see the content. If the application HPE ProLiant ML350 Gen10 is not updated, you will not be able to count on that benefit.

  • Privacy Is Taken Care Of At Home

The bars and call centres offer fast and cheap access to WIFI networks or a PC with internet, but we do not know who can access that device, nor what are the security measures it has. Therefore, you should never enter private data or access authenticated services, such as email, social networks and home banking from such devices.

  • Use Secure Applications

Ensure that a certificate is free of viruses and malware (malicious software), it is best to check if it has a good reputation if trusted companies developed it and if many other users also use it. There are websites for free downloading of programs that deceive users, and when downloading the application, malicious content that destroys or appropriates stored data is hidden.