How To Spot A Good Magnifier: Check Out Its Features

A magnifying lens as we know it today isn’t a thick heavy glass with a handle. Today, it has progressed to being extremely lightweight and very powerful. It is also easy to use and has amazing optics. 

There are many brands of magnifiers and magnifying sheets in the market today. They could be made of glass, plastic, or vinyl. The handles are usually made of metal, plastic, or wood. You can use a 3Dlens for day-to-day work. 

How to Use a Magnifier Lens

Bring the lens close to your eyes and the object close to the lens. The object under the lens will then be large enough for you to see with all its details. 

Features of a Good Magnifier

These are the features of a good magnifier:

  • Ideal Magnification

A magnifier or a 3D lens can enlarge an object up to two or three times bigger. This is represented as 2x (x=times) or 3x. However, the maximum is 10x. 

  • Focal Length

A magnifier’s focal length marks the distance from the lens to the object to be viewed. Usually, the focal length and power of a magnifier are inversely proportional to each other. So, a high magnification means a short working distance of the lens. 

When selecting a magnifier or a Fresnel lens sheet, you need to ensure that you have enough room to move around below the lens. 

  • Field of View

When seen through a magnifier, the size of the area in view is its field of view. Since the field of view of a magnifier is inversely proportional to its magnification, you can see finer details, but only over a small area.   


With the help of a good magnifier, you can inspect gems and diamonds, and read the fine print.


Before paying for a magnifying lens or sheet, check its features and whether it serves your purpose. A good magnifier to go with is 3Dlens which can serve you in air navigation, scientific research, projection display, infrared detection, and much more. Check it out today.