How WP Reset Plugin Can Help Users Get A Fresh Start With Their WP Site?

Just like a home or office, your WordPress blog also needs a little cleaning from time to time. It is necessary because there is an addition of multiple data and files, from the time you created your WP site. Over a period of time, the fresh site has become messy and grown in size. Now, its loading time has slowed down, which is not a good thing in terms of ‘User Experiences’. 

It is wise to clear unnecessary data and content, and optimize files and images. It can help you enhance the site loading time, without eliminating anything essential. 

Plugin and themes developers may need to de-clutter their WP site because of the level of testing they perform in the creating phase. They may be tempted to launch a new WP website, which is time-consuming. However, they can reset the WP database, where all its information gets stored and organized, and is retrievable. Manually resetting the WP database is a time-consuming job, because there are multiple steps to follow.

Fortunately, the WP Reset plugin is programmed to do this same task in just a few clicks. Let’s review the WP Reset plugin to get familiar with its beneficial features.

What is WP Reset plugin?

It is the best plugin used to reset WordPress database. Without modifying any file, the database can be reset to a default installation value. All the content and customizations get deleted. The plugin works rapidly, and is safe to use.

If you are concerned about losing data accidentally, then relax. This plugin includes many fail-safe mechanisms. It is a very useful plugin for developers to test the codes while creating plugins and themes. They can reset WP settings and speed the debugging and testing features. 

WP Reset plugin is even incorporated with WP Webhooks plugin, a safe and global system that supports 3rd party systems connection with your WP site. It means you can use other applications. 

The plugin is loaded with rich features like –

  • One-click site reset 
  • WP-CLI compatible 
  • Post-Reset setup 
  • Database snapshots 
  • Database Diff viewer 
  • Selective Reset tools 
  • Webhooks integration
  • Plugins and themes collections
  • WP network [WPMU] compatibility 
  • Change the WP version
  • Nuclear Reset
  • In-house support

What the WP Reset deletes?

The plugin will delete –

  • Pages, posts, comments, custom post types, users and media entries
  • The default WordPress database tables
  • Custom database tables with the same prefix [defined in the wp-config.php]

What the WP Reset does not alter or delete?

  • All the deleted media files. The wp-uploads folder will remain untouched, but will not be listed under “Media’
  • No changes will be made in the uploads, themes, and plugins
  • The site title, WP address, language, and settings will not be deleted or modified

How to use the WP Reset plugin?

    1. From your WP dashboard go to plugins webpage
    2. Look for WP Reset plugin, then install and activate
    3. Go to tools and choose WP Reset
    4. Scroll towards the bottom to choose your needs
    5. Type the text ‘Reset’ 
    6. Click the red ‘Reset’ button 
    7. Wait for some time and you get a clean WP site, all ready to carry your tasks.

The plugin has become so popular because it is very easy to use, and is free of cost. Give WP Reset plugin a try!