Instagram has literally been the media that is delivering the news these few days. Millennials especially have lost the habit of reading newspapers and going through the e-papers as well. To them, it is just the fields of their interest that exist and this news eventually reaches their ears. But how does the news reach them?? Social Media and especially Instagram followers News.

Though Social Media is playing a really big role in delivering the news to people the form in which it is getting delivered has really changed over the course of time. For example, we receive some news in the form of memes, or a video of some teenager or old person screaming their hearts out, or rarely a proper post that communicates the whole news as it is without any humor or adulteration. In the past few weeks since we began 2020 a lot has happened. Not to mention we received this news as well from social media of how much and what has happened not just in our country but also in the world.

If we take up one issue at a time and try contemplating the source of news we will realize what social media is responsible for. Starting with the recent events- the death of KOBE and his daughter in the crash. How many of us woke up, read the e-news or maybe switch to some news channels and then found out about this? We did not. We woke up to loads of notifications and Insta stories telling us the news. This was one big news and deserved the front page of practically every newspaper and not just the sports page. But Instagram did the honors.

If this was not enough then we move to the next big news of the month of Australian Bushfires. Practically we were least bothered by what happened in Australia, weren’t we? If your answer is yes then let me remind you that you share the same atmosphere, so be it Australia or London, every country will be affected. Air does not follow the boundaries created by man. And this is not some knowledge that someone has because of some conscience (there is a small population that might have thought this though) all this is a realization that Instagram brought in. along with news, Instagram is bringing in realizations too.

Moving to something that was and maybe still is a really big political news- Prince Harry and Meghan moving out and starting a new life. All these days the royal family was not a piece of news. But now it is. People have questions, people are curious, people now seek answers because they demand information, and exercise their Right to Information.

Going beyond the headlines as well as Instagram likes news is playing a huge role in reaching the world and making it aware of all the news across the world. Today we are not just concerned about our elections but also of other superpowers because thanks to globalization we are not the only one affected by the change in power. Be it national or international.

Instagram fNews is not just a media delivering news is seems to have realized its potential and is using it to its full strength using it for making an appeal to people for support as it did during the fundraising for Australian Bushfires. It just brought the whole world together. Or it may be to clear the doubts.

Every coin has two sides. If social media holds the power to clarify the misunderstandings then it also holds the power to build a protest against something impartial of the side is the correct one. It is a choice we need to make to decide what we believe.

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