Is colocation best for your business?

With a lot of booming business, Thailand is slowly becoming a land of opportunity. However, while the growth of the business is a positive sign and something to cherish, it also brings new challenges. For Thailand IT Companies, business growth brings new challenges. One of which is to choose between colocation servers or Thailand dedicated server. Surely, you like the idea of choosing a Thailand dedicated server like most people. People choose dedicated servers because of their reliability. However, choosing Thailand colocation Server for your IT company has its perks, which sometimes may outshine the advantages of a dedicated server.

So, to make your choice easy, we have listed a few benefits of using a colocation server over Thailand Dedicated Server.

Reason to use Thailand Colocation Server

·       Cost Savings

Managing a dedicated server onsite can be expensive, as you have to spend money on a series of things. First, you need to spend a lot of your money to maintain the server and hardware replacement. Moreover, the server requires a lot of power to run, which is another expenditure you must make. You also have to pay for the bandwidth, which another crucial investment you have to make for better internet access.

When you choose colocation, you install a server on an offsite. Moreover, you can save the bandwidth cost. Most of the Thailand Colocation server services have established a relationship with the bandwidth provider. So, choosing colocation allows you to enjoy a better Internet connection at lower prices.

·       Full-Time Support

The Thailand Colocation service provides full-time service along with NOC engineers. Onsite NOC engineer maintains your colocation server and is there to help you out. Moreover, having an IT partner always comes in handy for a business. Since the server is maintained by the service provided, you need not have keep staff for it. So, you can use all your resource for growing your business.

·       Make Space

Cramming server in your facility takes up a lot of room. Moreover, creating a space for the data center is not a sustainable solution for every company. If you are an emerging business, creating space for the data center does not make sense, when you can go with Thailand colocation that allows you to use an offsite server. Moreover, if you are expanding your business, you are already in resource shortage. So, going with the Thailand colocation makes more sense for your company, as you can enjoy all the benefits of a Thailand dedicated server without making room for a server in your facility.