James Scholes and Evergreen Wealth Formula

James Scholes is an enigma in the field of online marketing. He is the wizard in online marketing who is helping lots of youth in realizing their dreams through his Evergreen Wealth Formula. This program aims at developing online marketing skills through automation. Go here for more details.

In this article, I shall take you through the course content and the pros and cons of the course. The cost of the program is $197, a one-time payment that gives you lifetime access. Once you sign up you get access to all the training material and the contents of the program. Moreover, the program also provides a site that attracts potential buyers, and the affiliate links to review the products are also provided.

Apart from that, you can also promote any affiliate and sell products of your own to which there are no restrictions. You get access to a storehouse of videos that are easy tutorials to help set up your website and links to start the business of digital marketing. More importantly, you get support from none other than James Scholes, who will guide you every step of the way.

The major difference between this program and other hyped programs is that though these programs promise individual support, in most of the cases, the users are left on their own to figure out stuff. https://vimeo.com/jamesscholes1982 delivers on his promises and is prompt to reply to any query.

The best features about this program are-

  • Easy for beginners– the training videos are elaborate and give a step by step view of the setup process.
  • Complete set of pre-created content– all contents from ads to website content are provided which actually makes your life a lot easy as you do not have to spend hours researching and writing your own content.
  • Lifetime support– you get lifetime support to maintain and enhance your business from James Scholes himself.
  • Full automation– The setup requires minimum monitoring and maintenance and once finalized runs entirely on its own.
  • Friendly community– the program entitles you to be part of the affiliate community where you can connect with others in the same field and discuss new ideas
  • Regular updates- the updates are regular and completely free of cost.

The Cons of this program are-

The set up is very time consuming and involves lots of tutorials to go through. Hence you have to be patient to see things through.

If you are aiming to be successful in the field of online marketing then give this a go.

It will be beneficial to know that apart from the enrollment cost, you might have to shell out some more money to run the business. However, James Scholes has a list of such recommendations that are cost-effective and easy to use. Also, the methods taught in the Evergreen Wealth Formula can be used for any niche product and market. This also doesn’t restrict you to participate in other programs. If you want to go out and venture into more programs, then you will be fully entitled to do so.