Know Why Mobile Printers Might Be Right for Your Business

Mobile receipt printers are meant for specific printing purposes like labels and tickets. They can be carried around and used with a battery. They let you print from anywhere through a wireless connection. Are you looking to buy a TSC mobile receipt printer? If so, here are things you need to know:

Who Can Benefit from Mobile Receipts Printers?

Anybody with a mobile business needs a mobile receipt printer. Whether you have a small market stall, a pop-up store, or a food truck, you must provide your customers with receipts for legal purposes. Also, receipts are necessary when it comes to accounting and taxes. A portable receipt printer lets you generate receipts with each transaction.

Benefits of Mobile Receipt Printers

A mobile receipt printer offers the following benefits:

  • Small size. Mobile receipt printers are quite small and portable. Because of their reduced size, the features they may offer may also be reduced. So, if you need a specific size, get in touch with your vendor and ask for a particular printer size. 
  • Multiple printing. A wireless printer can be attached to a lot of billing devices. If you own a store that has a mobile POS billing station, your printer can sync with mobiles or tablets and print receipts for your customers. 
  • Compatibility. Often, mobile receipt printers work with almost all operating systems. They interact with the POS system of your store using wireless connections to print receipts. To guarantee compatibility, purchase a mobile printer from where you get the POS system.
  • Performance. Mobile printers are fast. They show impressive printing quality and speed. Depending on your specific requirements, a mobile receipt printer is capable of generating around five pages per minute. Also, you can find faster printers with some models having the ability to generate 16 pages per minute. But if you own a small business, a printer that can generate 10 pages every minute is enough. 
  • Connectivity. Printers connect to computers, smartphones, or tablets to print receipts using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Also, some versions can print directly from compact electronic storage cards. They have varying specifications; however, mobile printers often have minimum features.
  • Durability. The majority of mobile printers are made to last. They resist minor dings and spills. They can serve your business for the longest time possible when properly taken care of. 
  • Battery power. Mobile receipt printers work anywhere from 8-10 hours on one battery charge. You can buy battery versions and corded versions, which are quite useful if your business is always on the go.