Laser Engraving: A Cure for Business’s Pandemic Blues

If the Corona virus pandemic has provided a silver lining to American business, it’s the fact that many entrepreneurs and business owners have been hard at work creating new ways to reach their customers and make money. Unfortunately, good ideas and passion will only get you so far. After that, something more is needed.

For a large and growing number of businesspeople and entrepreneurs, that something is laser engraving. Fortunately, all that’s needed to succeed is a little passion and some creative juices to create a diverse outreach for customers. Laser cutters and engravers will not only make businesspeople money, but it will save them money as well. Feed your creative juices on the points below or check out Boss on Facebook.

Marble and Granite Engraving

Marble and granite are a huge business, for everyone from the home building business to small entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, although the use of these resources is huge, the market for their engraving is virtually untouched. Whether they are used as a decorative accent in a home or as a personalized gift, engraves marble and granite is memorable and long lasting. Tributes can be made in the form of steppingstones, tiles, memorials, and many other things.

Glass Engraving

One of the most lucrative areas of the engraving business is work with glass. This includes, most notably, glassware and bottles. In fact, it has been said that this industry alone is worth more than $254 million. This includes glass etching as well as laser coding. Laser engraving can leave its mark on practically anything. This lends itself to large volume businesses such as bars and restaurants for those that require custom engraved glassware for customers. Otherwise, glassware is a popular engraving choice for the awards industry.

Wedding Gifts

There are probably few things that can top a personalized wedding gift to remember the day by. Even better is the fact that not only is there the possibility of personalized gifts, but laser cut and personalized favors throughout the event. It will be a wedding the happy couple will long remember.

Furniture and Wood

There are probably few gift options that are as unlimited as furniture and wood. And when you combine the ability to laser engrave any of these options, you have gifts galore. Just choose the base wood, oak, pine, maple or mahogany, and you will be well on your way to engraving a cherished heirloom. These materials can all be laser engraved to your order, regardless of size or complexity.

Stone and Brick

Nobody needs to be in the engraving business to know that there are many potentially untapped markets when it comes to laser engraving, and when you consider how popular some of these materials are in the mainstream marketplace. Just add to any of these the potential for them to be laser engraved and you have opened a whole new market, regardless of the event they are chosen for.

Plastic and Acrylic

Would you like to create a product that is truly unique and different? How about something made of plastic and acrylic? Under this heading, the list is, again, practically endless. Add to this the fact that cutting and etching of any of these materials is so easy.

With a little creativity, the list of items that can be created with laser engraving covers practically everything. All it takes is a little imagination and a laser engraver, of course.