Latest Instagram Marketing Trends to Keep an Eye Out For

Instagram is no longer just a platform to share your selfies and group photos of your fondest memories with your friends and families. It has grown to be a highly valuable asset for companies struggling to promote their businesses online.

Considering this popularity, one can only wonder what the future of Instagram holds for companies and digital marketers especially. That is why we took it upon ourselves to shed light on the most promising Instagram marketing trends. Let’s have a look, shall we?


We all love a good meme every now and then, don’t we? Well, this phenomenon has taken over Instagram as well. Posting funny and innovative memes is one of the popular activities people engage in on this platform.

Marketers are making use of this trend as well. Incorporating the business message into a meme and delivering it to the public in a completely humorous way has become a norm for digital marketers.


Such is the case for tweets as well. Tweets are no longer exclusively portrayed on Twitter alone. Often, screenshots of Twitter tweets can be seen on Instagram.

Digital marketers utilize tweets from other accounts or even their own accounts for the purpose of promoting their own brand on Instagram as well. This way, they are able to attract fans and followers on two different platforms at the cost of one post. Not to mention, it gives their Twitter account a boost without putting in much effort.

Interactive Content

We all love amazing photos and high-definition videos, but what trumps both of them is interactive content. Instagram offers a number of features that its users can benefit from to gain more followers.

This feature is quite useful for marketers and we can already see it gaining popularity also. Marketers can create polls, surveys, and even set up countdown for any hyped-up upcoming product by the brand.

Instagram Stories

Ever since their introduction, Instagram stories have been a vital part of all of its active accounts. Stories provide a user the ability to display the highlight of the profile in a rather quick yet effective manner.

Thus, digital marketers do not only create high-quality images and videos to pos on the profile but they also routinely put up new and innovative stories that helps in keeping followers focused and engaged in the brand.

Instagram Shopping

Shopping is no longer just conducted in gigantic malls and showrooms. We can now do it right from our couch. All you need is a reliable internet connection like Suddenlink internet and you can enter the world of digital shopping.

Instagram also jumped on to this roller coaster when it introduced its very own Instagram Shop in early 2019. This phenomenal shop provides you with the tools you need to market your product on Instagram. Marketers can tag their products in the most vibrant manner that improves their chances to attract potential new customers.

Influencer Marketing

What better way to convince new people about your products and services than to ask their favorite celebrities to endorse your products? Influencer marketing is a bit different from celebrity endosresments but more effective. Instead of celebrities you have common people promoting your product, which convinces them of products’ authenticity.

This particular trend can easily be foreseen to stay for a longtime in digital marketing practices. What’s more, influencer marketing is also less expensive than ad campaigns that don’t even succeed all the time.

Sum Up

These are only some of the trends that are dominating the world of Instagram Marketing. Be sure to be on the lookout for more trending tactics to help you excel in your digital marketing activities.