How to Create a PowerPoint Presentation with Cartoon Character ...

Let’s take things in order, first you define your theme, that is to say the graphic charter of your presentation. You choose the layout (landscape or portrait), the format of the slides (generally in 16: 9) and the range of colors used. By saving these parameters directly in powerpoint, you set a frame, which will serve as the basis for creating a template.

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This can be understood as a powerpoint presentation model, a typical structure, infinitely available. To make it complete, you need to create different slide masks, that is, slide templates. You can already provide several compulsory masks, in particular for the structural slides defined above: cover page, chapter, summary, etc. Generally a graphic designer provides different formats to cover all cases, long content slide, short content slide, diagram slide, illustration slide, key figure slide. If you want to obtain a professional rendering quickly, do not hesitate to contact our experienced graphic designers. For the powerpoint free download this is important.

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Each mask is made up of areas (text, image) and graphic elements such as your logo, pictograms, solid colors, which will leave you free to easily insert your content. If you already have a well-defined graphic charter, your presentation will be inspired by the codes of your visual identity , otherwise it is possible to create a new design perfectly in line with your objectives. Do not hesitate to take inspiration from the latest creative print and web trends to find the little extra that will make all the difference. Finally, choose a style that suits you : minimalist and flat design for a scientific, pop and colorful business for a food startup … In conclusion, this step allows you to obtain a complete template includes a theme and as many masks as necessary, the all respecting the same graphic charter.

Integrate Your Content

At this stage, you have 2 supports, a presentation with your raw content elements, already distributed slide by slide but without any layout, as well as your template. On the latter, you can easily add your content while maintaining harmony between your different slides thanks to the presence of the same graphic elements, layout, background, background color, style of curves, fonts, etc. Choose the mask that best suits your message for each content slide.

It is during this stage that the help of an experienced graphic designer can also be invaluable, in order to create tailor-made slides to illustrate more complex content, thanks to an infographic or diagram. Consider illustrating your slides with quality visuals, using for example our selection of the best banks of free and royalty-free images. Do not forget the gifs or the cinemagraphe, which energize your presentations in the blink of an eye.

Example of ACreads Slide With A Gif

Finally, how to make a dynamic powerpoint without using pictograms?

These replace part of the texts, lighten your support and provide visual cues to the public. You will easily find on the Internet all the pictograms you want, but it can also be interesting to entrust a graphic designer to create your own bank of icons, which can then be reused on all your other communication media. Finally, don’t forget that you can directly add Youtube links, which allows you to vary the content of your presentation by adding, for example, a video interview of your founder, your last showreel, etc.