Looking For Options To Sell Online? Consider Shopify, Amazon, and More

There are quite a few approaches that are available for online entrepreneurs to launch their online store. One approach is through the use of one of the already-developed website builders. Shopify is such a website builder. Shopify provides a set of very powerful tools for entrepreneurs to build fully-functional ecommerce websites without having to take care of much hassles. For example, the entrepreneur does not have to manage web hosting. And he may not need a professional web developer, before he can simply launch his online store with the most basic functions. He can add addtional functions to his online store to enhance the user experience by adding free and paid apps. The checkout process including shopping cart and payment gateways are already built-in. But there is a cost to use it including the annual fee to actually using Shopify as a SaaS software. The apps that you are to add to your store may not all be inexpensive. This Shopify setup checklist will certainly give entrepreneurs some useful information and help before they are to launch an ecommerce site.

A second option is to make use of Woocommerce. Woocommerce is an open-source platform where the source code is available. This gives your business a lot of possibilities for customization in which you can create an online store with your own personality. Woocommerce is sometimes known as the most customizable ecommerce platform out there in the internet world. However, you must understand that Woocommerce does not come alone. It has to go with the website builder WordPress. WordPress has a frontend (i.e. with plenty options on themes) that is highly mobile responsive and mobile friendly. WordPress was first designed for people to develop blogs (or blog sites). This leads to the fact that WordPress was initially built with many SEO friendly features.


You may sell directly on Amazon. On Amazon, there are millions of people visiting the website, and this gives your products great exposure to the public. The services you can get from Amazon include that they handle your inventory storage, packing and shipping. This makes it a lot easier for entrepreneurs who are new to selling online. You won’t have to build a website. You won’t have to handle anything that has to do with hosting a site. The downside is that when you are selling on Amazon (which is another company’s platform or brand), it is harder for you to build a brand that is unique to your own loyal customers. Also, there are plenty other competitors on the Amazon site competing against your business.