MAGFAST Review: Consumers Weigh in on the Advantages of Charging With MAGFAST

As our electronic devices take on more and more essential functions in our everyday lives, it also becomes more essential to streamline the use of these devices into our everyday habits, as well as our everyday spaces. One of the most annoying and time-consuming tasks with which modern consumers are faced is the chore of charging all of those electronic devices.

Until recently, to charge several devices at once, you had to have several chargers plugged into electrical outlets at the same time, each with their own set of wires and cables. For many, this entailed a messy entanglement of cords, as well as the inefficient practice of charging only one device at a time while waiting for wall sockets to become available.

MAGFAST, a company founded by internet marketing guru Seymour Segnit, has devised a family of electronic chargers that are transforming the way we charge our electronic devices. This, in turn, improves the way that those devices enhance our daily functions. MAGFAST has designed a unique line of magnetic rapid charging units that can charge several devices at one time and connect to one another wirelessly. This means that you won’t have to deal with a bunch of messy cables, nor will you need to use every one of your wall sockets to charge all of your devices at once.

The MAGFAST Family of chargers includes various models, each with their own special features and purpose, such as the MAGFAST Air, which harnesses the new Qi technology to deliver powerful, rapid charging while providing versatility and portability for desktop applications. Air can sit firmly on any flat surface or be placed directly on top of MAGFAST Wall for fast charging. You can even snap Air into MAGFAST Life, Extreme, or Road to get portable power as needed. Consumers are expressing their excitement about these new magnetic wireless chargers:

Cara, from Canada, writes, “Magfast is brilliant and innovative! An excellent range of products for not only cleaning up the clutter and inconvenience of too many charging cables, but they also do it in an aesthetic and environmentally conscious way. They seem to have thought of everything, as they truly care about their impact in the world, as well as their customer experience. They’re really leaders in the market. I’m so excited to try their products and to hear more about them in the future!”

Phil Ploeser, from the United States, writes, “I’m looking forward to the impact this company will make with these innovative products.”

Michael, from Canada, writes, “Seems like a great product. Will try out the wall first and add accessories when needed.”

Other models, such as the MAGFAST Road, are designed for maximum portability and can be used to provide additional charging ports for several devices at one time while in your car. The MAGFAST Road even features a gorgeous flashlight to provide visibility in the dark.

Perhaps the most impressive item in the MAGFAST line is the MAGFAST Extreme, an extremely powerful charger that can generate power for weeks and produces enough power to jump-start your car. The MAGFAST Extreme includes built-in cables, along with traditional USB-A and the newer USB-C outlets, the latest PD Power Delivery, and three Qi-powered wireless ports.

Green Power

MAGFAST is also an environmentally conscious company, and its products are designed to outlast regular chargers, reducing the amount of toxic electronic waste that the need to constantly replace device chargers creates. In fact, Segnit and his team are so committed to environmental causes that MAGFAST has become a sponsor of Trees for the Future, a non-profit group that has agreed to plant a new tree for every single MAGFAST product sold. For every purchase of the MAGFAST Pro Kit, which includes six chargers in 5 iconic designs, Trees for Life will plant seven trees. So far, MAGFAST purchases have contributed to the planting of over a quarter million trees.