Mobile App Money Making Strategies: How to Monetize an App?

The appropriate mobile application money-making model will match your goals with the assumptions of your target market. We recommend that you activate in-app purchases income streams before establishing an application to make sure that you can effortlessly develop it into the user experience.

By using a few of the app monetization methods listed below, you can generate income from an app without explicitly charging your customers:

In-App Marketing

Without charging individuals an ahead of time fee for downloading as well as installing an app, this money-making model allows you generate income using Advertisements. You promote services or products for third-party clients or marketers, as well as in return, they pay you.

All your app requires is a considerable user base as well as sufficient individual behavior information to put extremely targeted advertisements. Amongst the best instances of apps utilizing the In-App Marketing model is Instagram, which brought in an estimated $20 billion in Advertisement revenue in 2019.


Similar to advertising, this is likewise an in-trend mobile application money-making design. Here, the application, as well as several of its content, is free to utilize; however, individuals need to acquire a subscription on a monthly or annual basis to access premium web content or innovative features. Though this version is ruled out as the money-magnet type, still it is able to drive billions over time.

An excellent instance of an app utilizing this design is Headspace. It has about 65 million downloads as well as produces greater than $100 million annually from paid memberships, according to NPR.

Freemium Using In-App Purchases

When you wish to create billions utilizing your mobile app, it’s the best app money-making method.

You supply your app for free as well as allow customers to purchase a variety of digital aspects within the application. These elements can be anything, added lives, game currency, or premium application content.

Though this money-making model is utilized primarily by game applications, for instance, Clash of Clans, PUBG, as well as several others, it is additionally famous in non-game applications these days. Amongst the applications using this money-making design is Tinder, the highest-grossing non-game app of 2019 globally.