If you ask me what is the most influential and fast-growing industry in the modern entertainment category? Besides all those movies like almost every entry from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I would proudly say ‘gaming’.

The global gaming market increased an average of 10% each year, and it reached 135 billion dollars in 2018. Although mobile gaming shared the most significant part of this pie where it owned 47% of total industry revenue, 3A title games are the most influential force in bringing up the entire industry. Launches and announcements for new PC and console games as well as their international contests have been significantly impacting the overall trend of the market.

Shooters games such as Apex Legend, PUBG and Rainbow Six Siege provides some of the hottest topics in the current gaming market. Players have to be both skilful and invest more on proper hardware to be the elite of these games. Gaming headset is the primary category they can think of when gamers plan to enhance their ‘weapons’. With the increase in attention and support in gaming, these specialised headsets have their time to shine as well. Brands with great value like SOMiC are usually the most popular as they are affordable with industry-leading technologies.

Why so serious?

Now you may probably ask, why people are so serious about using the best hardware to play games? Also, what are those benefits a gaming headset can offer that gives you an edge compare to the mainstream headphone? Please hear me out.

The competitive zone

Depending on the games people are playing, this medium triggered gamers inner angel or beast differently. For single player games, an excellent sound quality and stereo sound may be enough to satisfy most players, as they have full control over these games.

However, in competitive games, people are naturally and psychologically looking for defeating everyone by using all possible solutions, without cheating of course. When you see Twitch lives and international gaming contests, gaming headsets are very popular, and they become an essential part of the hardware as well as a symbol of a dedicated gamer. I admit I am in a competitive zone when gaming, and SOMiC’s gaming headset definitely offer me a feeling like a professional competitor.

Benefits you are absolutely pleased to have

  1. Virtual Surround Sound

Unlike stereo sound, this technology mimics the effect of a multi-speaker surround sound system, and it creates a perception of multiple sources. Such a function provides you with a more precise ideas on where the sound is coming.

This function is especially useful for playing shooters games. I used to play PUBG with a mainstream Sony headphone before changing to a dedicated headset. While the Sony one did provide exceptional quality for this game, the stereo speaker was far from as good as the SOMiC G805’s Virtual 7.1 sound system in terms of gaming. Literally speaking, I can tell where other players were coming from even if they were off the screen with. Reacting to the situation became much faster and shorter. Though it did not guarantee to win every time, the headset brought more joy and confidence when gaming.

  1. Removable mic

Having a mic for team communication is essential in playing multi-player cooperative games. Transmitting crisp and clear voice allows them to understand your action is not only a benefit but also a responsibility to the team. Notifying enemies location and sharing tactics to friends can considerably help the group. One day you may save the life of your teammate by using a high-quality headset mic.

A traditional speaker generally takes up space, now the removable mic from the headsets saves the space for your desk while maintaining superior voice chat quality. Moreover, when you are enjoying those brilliant single player titles like Zelda and God of War, detach the mic with easy and enjoy the outstanding virtual sound it offers.

  1. Universal compatibility

It is a feature that many gamers, or even some headset production firms ignore, but I found it very crucial for a well-rounded product. PC and console sometimes do not share the same framework in sound delivery; hence a headset can be incompatible to either one of these machines.

To solve the issue, companies like SOMiC offers their product with a built-in driver or USB plug-in cable that specialised in decoding all mainstream devices. It is such a convenient feature that I am using their headset for my PS4, Switch and PC.

The future of coexistence and growth

Innovation and high-quality production in gaming have pushed the limits of gaming headset to the whole new level, and even saved some of the dying brands like Turtle Beach. I am very much looking forward to seeing how the hardware can, reversely, encourage the development of games and keep growing together.

Recently we see VR headsets are driving game developers to adapt their titles and create a new dimension of entertainment. I believe there is more to be done in the headset market, such as its design, materials used and performance. We need to have an eye on brands like SOMiC to see how they can stimulate the change in the future.

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