Motoring others system is made easy by Pc tattletale 

Pc tattletale is also a keylogger software. As we know a keylogger is a software that is used to monitor one’s activity on pc and mobile remotely. You can simply monitor anyone’s activity in just a few steps. This software is for parents or you can also monitor the activity of your better half.

Nowadays it is very important to keep an eye on the activity of the children. As we know the internet is a free resource and anyone can search for anything and get information about anything. So, the parents need to keep track of the activity of their children. As it is the responsibility of parents to guide the child in the right direction. You can also check the social media account of your child. 

Sometimes people are worried about their married life. They want to keep an eye on their better half. You are in the right place. By using pc tattletale, you can easily know their social media account passwords. You can also keep an eye on their messages by capturing screenshots, many other things can also be done.

The main feature of Pc tattletale is:

  • It is invisible. There is no threat of being caught.
  • You can observe remotely

There are a few simple steps by which you can easily download this software

  • Go to the website of Pc tattletale.
  • Make a free account.
  • Then put the invisible app on the device of the person.
  • Log in to the app to check the activity

You are ready to go.

But these are the steps to download the software. Installation of software with the correct process is equally important. If the software is not installed correctly then it will be of no use.

After you have downloaded the correct software file for the system. The next step is to open the file. Go to downloads double click on the file to open it. Once the file is open click on the run button to run the file. Once you run the file the software will be installed in the system. You have to accept all the license agreements, all the terms, and conditions of use. Then click on the finish. If some error happens with installation go to path settings of the system and set the path for the system. 

You can install the same in android also. The steps will be the same.