Our Parking Stops Improve Your Parking

It is quite common for drivers who park their vehicles to hit a sidewalk with their bumpers. The damage can be serious and ruin your day. To avoid such an inconvenience, we offer parking blocks. They allow you to park better and safely.

A Robust And Visible Model:

The parking stops we offer are made from recycled rubber with a positive impact on the environment. They are, therefore, resistant while having a good damping capacity. If a driver hangs them, his tires will not be damaged. They also resist fats, bases, and acids well. They easily endure temperatures ranging from -40 to + 80 degrees Celsius. The harsh winters and the heatwave do not affect their resistance characteristics. The parking stops are equipped with 2 cable passes with a diameter of 20 mm. They can be stowed securely on the ground using an asphalt attachment that is included.

To be perfectly visible and delimit the upper edge of the parking space, parking stops have yellow class 1 reflective strips. They are made from polymer, pigments and glass micro-beads. Their black and yellow colors make them stand out at first glance. To maximize the visibility of parking stops overnight, you can add 50 mm diameter reflectors on request and as an option. To improve their appearance, they are fitted with hole covers to hide the fixings.

Four Models For All Seat Sizes:

Most parking stops are 50 mm wide and 100 mm high. The models have reflectors molded into the structure on each side of the parking stop. The first length of 1830 mm with 3 reflectors on each side, the second is 1300 mm long with 1 integrated reflector on each side. The third parking stop is 915 mm long and has a single integrated reflector on each side. Finally, the fourth model is 500 mm long and is equipped with 2 integrated reflectors on each side.