Overcoming the Safety Challenges of Space Travelling 

What can go wrong during a space flight? This is the question that most people interested in travelling to space keep asking and seek answers before booking their tickets. The truth is that just like an aircraft flying in the sky, there are a number of things that can go wrong. However, a lot of effort and resources have been directed into making space travelling safe and reliable. This post takes a closer look at how space companies overcome the safety challenges.

Common Security Concerns in Space Tourism 

Before looking at the efforts made to make space travelling safe, it is crucial to understand the safety concerns. The main risk when it comes to space travelling is high exposure to radiation. It is estimated that exposure to harmful radiation is about ten times what people are used to on the surface of the earth. Exposure, especially for extended periods can increase the risk of suffering from problems such as cancer. 

One of the experiences that space travellers want to enjoy is weightlessness, which is caused by the lack of gravity in space. However, you need to appreciate that a human body’s circulatory system partly uses gravity, and exposure to zero-gravity can have serious effects. Extended exposure to weightlessness can result in the loss of bone muscle, strain in blood redistribution and muscle atrophy.  

How Space Travel Companies Overcome the Challenges 

Although the safety concerns can be scary, you will like the efforts going into addressing them. From Orion Span to Virgin Galactic’s scientists, it is true that no effort is being spared to make the experience safe and enjoyable for. 

  • Only the Healthy and Physically Fit are Allowed to Travel to Space 

To be able to travel to space, you need to be in good health. Space travel companies emphasize that the excursion might be too tough, especially for those with conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. So, you will be subjected to several medical examinations and only to travel when in good health.

  • Pre-Travel Training 

Before you can get into that space vehicle and blast off to space, you are required to undergo intensive training. The pre-flight training is simulated to help get your body ready for what to expect in space. For example, you will be trained how to use ladders when moving around the space vehicle because of zero-gravity.

  • Space Companies have Invested in the Latest Technologies: Andrey Bokarev

To be successful in business, as Andrey Bokarev posits, it is important to ensure you have the best systems. For example, you have to install new machines and systems to succeed in the in the mining industry. Andrey Bokarev also insists on the need to have the best staff and to progressively improve their skill. In space tourism, most companies have invested in the latest technologies to ensure that their space vehicles are safe and comfortable for travellers. For example, the vehicles are designed to withstand high temperatures during launch and re-entry into the earth atmosphere. 

Space travelling is growing rather fast and the focus in addressing safety challenges is impressive. Therefore, if you are thinking of travelling to space and can afford a ticket; do not hesitate because it will be an experience to remember for the rest of your life.