Overwatch Boosting the In the Best Format for You

Overwatch celebrates its third birthday and traditionally does so with new skins, until June 10 you can play special game modes and earn cosmetic items.

To celebrate the third birthday, Blizzard has brought no less than eleven new skins to Overwatch, which are exclusively available during the event. We will list the skins for you in advance, check here what else the event has in store for you.

Fans of the Overwatch League can earn extra OWL Tokens during the All Star Weekend, with which you can unlock the special All Star skins. Now that you can have the boosting in overwatch  you can have the best deals available there.

The Steady Journey

Last year two special All Star skins were released for Overwatch, Genji and Tracer were the lucky ones at the time. Moreover, when the event was over, the skins were removed from the in-game store, making them exclusive to that event. This year Blizzard does the same, only Lucio and Mercy get a unique skin, but they are not cheap. However, you can earn extra Tokens during the event through extra drops.

  • The Overwatch community wanted extra Tokens to be able to save for the unique skins and Blizzard has responded. During the All Star games of May 16 and 17, players earn double the number of Tokens by watching. To claim that, you must have a Battle.net account that is linked to Twitch.
  • The All Star games are fun games in which a division of the west coast competes against a team from the east coast. It is intended as an interlude between Stage 2 and 3 and we already know the phenomenon of other games such as Rainbow 6: Siege and League of Legends. Check here who is in the respective teams and also read who won Stage 2 of the Overwatch League, the final was between Vancouver Titans and San Francisco Shock.

The final of the Overwatch League Stage 2 was played between San Francisco Shock and Vancouver Titans, with the first winning.

The Vancouver Titans have so far dominated Stage One and Two of the Overwatch League, the team consists of the entire Korean roster that first played for Runaway Contenders. Just like in Stage One, Vancouver Titans faces the San Francisco Shock in the final.

Overwatch League Stage 2: San Francisco Shock wins the Vancouver Titans final

San Francisco lost the final of the previous internship and came to the final to defend itself against the Canadian organization. It seemed to be a played game when Shock managed to lead 2-0, but the Titans did a good job of 2-2. After that, however, it was San Francisco Shock ‘all over’ and the Titans did not know how to win the second period title.

Last Words

Stage 2 has crowned the San Francisco Shock as winners of the second phase of the competition, stage three will start on 6 June. Before the competition continues, an All Star Weekend will be held where the players can play in a playful way, the selections have already been announced for this and the community also voted for the delegates.