Pay using Bitcoin for Web Hosting


Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies are used in the most optimum ways when used through web-hosting. With them, are arising many big firms and small firms to making a place in the field. And them accepting bitcoin makes it only more accessible. Using crypto can assure you great ways of making use of web hosting. Hosting pay with crypto hasn’t been a matter of worry since most web-hosting units are the currency friendly. There are some sites not accepting it, yes, but there are sites which assure privacy and facilitate services to people. However, location of the particular company also depends, as in whether accepting Bitcoin in that country is legal or not.

Companies Webhosting the payment of bitcoin:

  • Hostinger: The Company is in the game for as long as 2004, doesn’t disappoint you with its reliability. Due to so, it has had a name in Webhosting for many years now. It recently has also started accepting popular cryptocurrencies. 
  • Name cheap: The Company is almost 15 years old in the market. And in this time period, it has garnered over a million consumers around the world in the business of web hosting of the bitcoin. The additional benefit of the site is that it provides traditional payment methods as well as bitcoin payments too. It also gives out rewards and discounts to consumers according to particular schemes decided. 


  • Host winds: This Company exists in the market for 10 years now. Its motto being amiable to consumers, it is trying to innovate the web-hosting market and industry. It can be managed on windows and Linux. It also accepts traditional payments along with crypto/bitcoin payments. 



  • Bitcoin web hosting: The site provides all services regarding bitcoin. It is a new market, yet it has successfully provided services of many cryptocurrencies, along with bitcoin to its consumers. It provides VPNs, anonymity etc. 



  • Host1plus: This service provider has been a part of the crypto market for a decade or so. They believe in providing quality hosting pay with crypto to its consumers to be consumer-friendly. They are relevant across Asia, America and Europe. Also, it has started accepting bitcoin as well now, from around the world. 



Besides these, there are many big and small web hosting companies accepting bitcoin and being a game-changer in their own niche. The companies are trying to sustain and popularize the usage of crypto more and more, to expand and digitalize currency to function that part of remittance.