Pixtica – Best Android Camera App

Since amazing technological development came about in photography and video, camera apps have become an indispensable device to people of all ages and gender in the world. Take the pleasure of introducing ‘Pixtica’ an upto date camera and editor app. With its easy to use friendly and modern features will satisfy its user to the max. Pixita used by someone without much experience will make the end result look professional because of its advanced technology working at its best. 

Pixtica is sure to bring about more creativeness with its creative gadgets that will thrill lovers of photography, film makers and all of those seeking new creations. Here are some of those exiting main features Pixtica app offers. There are many alternatives to this camera app like B612, YouCam Perfect, etc.

Features of Pixtica

Pixtica Filters in the camera allows the best picture effect to be created in the image. It’s coloured filters will shed the most attractive shades of colour which is beyond ones imagination. Pixtica Filters enables to change the image shape if one desires. One could find a wide range of stickers including animated to add novelty to an image making it more fun and exciting to be viewed. 

In switching over to manual control offered by the smartphone one can turn on to DSLR mode in the app which will make it possible for the photo shooter to see the exact image of the capture through the view finder which will help visualise and capture the images at its best. Photos taken in the portrait mode Pixtica allows one’s imagination to run riot. To mention a few, the background of the image can be made to look blurred to give it an artistic appeal or give it a stage light look when appropriate. The panorama option makes it possible to capture a photo in a wide format. 

Very handy when capturing a traffic jam or a city with many buildings and scenes to make sure all of these are captured in the image. High Dynamic Range feauture offers photos to be taken in high contrast situations, allows to shoot photos one after the other in rapid succession at different exposure to blend all of them to bring more detail to the photo with highlight and shadow effects. GIF recorder which allows to create animations will bound to make selfies more delightful. Time lapse feature will allow a series of images to be made into a video while the Hyperlapse feature will speed up a normal speed video. Photobooth with the ability to pause between each photo makes way to make creative compositions. Very handy to make a collage of selfies. Wow! Pixtica enables scanning of any document to JPEG or PDF.

With these amazing main features doesn’t PIXTICA camera and editor app make one proud to have it in one’s smartphone? Of course!

Download Pixtica for TV box

This is one of the most compatible Android camera application that can be install on Google TV, Android TV and Fire TV devices. Best and easiest way to install this Camera apk is by using AppLinked or FileSynced.

First create a free account on FileSynced using your phone or PC. Then create a free store and upload pixtica apk to that store. Download and install latest version of FileSynced on your TV box and install any camera application using that app.