Powerful Phone Cleaner

Powerful Phone cleaner is the best professional and effective Android Cleaning application that can boost your phone speed, battery life and increase free storage. There are many cleaning applications that show false stats on using. For example, cleaning results shows it cleaned few gigabytes but it actually cleaned only few megabytes of data. That kind of tricks are used by many cheap cleaning applications. Make sure to avoid those fake cleaning applications.

For real Android optimization use powerful phone cleaner. This is a free application available on all most all Android devices. You can download this application using Google play store for Android phones. But many Android devices does not have Play Store application. You can use play store alternatives like AC Market. First download and install ac market apk. Then use that application to install all your favorite Android apps and games.

Cleaning applications should have all the features built in to one application. You can install this application to get more storage space by removing junks. What if the application itself require considerable amount of storage? Cleaning applications should be light weight and work smoothly on any Android phone like Powerful phone cleaner apk.

Features of Powerful Phone Cleaner

  • Smart Cleaner – Has nice and easy understand interface to clean Android junks. Provide nice animations on how cleaning process occur. This feature of this application can remove junks including caches, downloaded apk files, duplicates, residual files, corrupted files and many more. Junks are the main reason to run out of storage. Deleting your files and apps won’t release expected amount of storage space due to junks.
  • Notification Cleaner – Almost all Android apps and games push notifications about latest updates, new features, new releases and etc. Most of those notifications are useless and annoying. You may miss important notifications due to those unwanted notifications. Block all unwanted notifications easily with notification cleaner.
  • CPU Cooler – When the amount of CPU intensive tasks increases, it will increase CPU temperature causing phone to heat. You can close or block all unwanted tasks to reduce CPU temperature. CPU Cooler also helps to increase battery life too.
  • Game Booster – Games require more performance to run smoothly. You can use this feature to close all opened applications, background tasks to free RAM and CPU. So that your game run at maximum speed utilizing free RAM and CPU.
  • Battery Saver – Powerful phone cleaner application can identify power hungry applications and shutting down to increase battery life.

There are many cleaning applications like Bee Booster, AVG Cleaner, NOX Cleaner, Phone Cleaner and etc. You can choose whatever the application you like.