Programming Side Project That Gets You Launching Your Startup

Technology or digital startups may be launched by people who have programming experience and background, or may be created by an actual programmer. Most programmers are working in their day time jobs to get paid for paying their bills. But some of the programmers are very passionate on some projects that have nothing to do with their day jobs. When that happens, the new project will become a side project that is initiated by the programmer. The programmer would start working through evening hours, weekend hours, or any other hours that he would believe convenient and suitable.

Most people think the ideas for a side project is never easy to come up with. But in fact, when an idea can become a project that possesses witty, funny, weird ideas and imagination, it can then start generating some buzz over the internet, and it can even start driving traffic to the programmer’s blog. This way, the blog increases in readership of the regularly published progress updates of the actual project. This is the way to gradually generate loyal followers and even buyers in the future. The good side effect of this move is get feedback from the followers. From the followers, the programmer would probably get to know the actual problem that needs solving. The programmer may gear the project towards the specific direction for solving such specific problem.

Other than that, the blog will always need methods for its continuous and consistent growth in readership or growth in new visitors. One great way is to go through the best free website traffic list with more than 200 sources to get visitors from for your blog. It is a list that you can combine with internet marketing. The list consists of sources in channel categories: Social media marketing, blogging, bookmarking, photo search engines, universal search engines, forums, Q&As, local or country specific search engines, and more.

The next challenge is to be able to connect with the community that matters and show how this project can simply be built to form the foundation of a new business or startup. A regular meeting is needed. But most people cannot afford to always rent a big conference to fit 500 people once every two weeks. The better version of this is to host a regular virtual conference (or webinar). Setting up a webinar takes up much less effort and time, and it is always much less expensive. In fact, when you regularly host webinars, you will find that it is mostly free-of-charge. The key of all the webinars is to communicate with the participants with your ideas and progress, and get them to engage in asking questions so they actually are participating in your community.