Pros and cons of a VPN Internet connection

VPNs offer an extensive catalogue of security and safety features which all come together to create a super safe connection so users can log online with minimal risk of being hacked.

Many more people have become aware of the dangers of being online without adequate cyber protection so the amount of VPN connections has been steadily increasing. Though VPNs offer major benefots when it comes to protecting your own personal data and private accounts, there are some arguements about VPNs and the so called anonymous browsing (navigazione anonima).

Pros of using VPN services

VPNs are useful for all users who join up to the network but the whole concept of a VPN service is highly beneficial to businesses.

One of the main benefits is that employees don’t actually have to be present in the office building to gain access to the private connection. Only selected people are granted access in to the secure network so with the right bit key employees can join on to the network for conference calls, virtual meetings or for everyday typing tasks within secure company built websites.

Running alongside this is the benefit of having allocated IP addresses. Often a big perk for users who want to access alternative content around the world which is usually geolocked, changing IP addresses from current locations means employees can access content quite literally from anywhere in the world. Making distance working a feasible option for global businesses.

Cons of using VPN services

Cons of using VPN services start with an element which can often be avoided with proper research. Slow connections and connection speeds are both factors which should be looked in to before signing up to a particular online VPN service provider.

For online virtual meetings and conference calls a higher connection speed will be needed to make the most out of the VPN service. Continuous buffering is no good for an effective service so great care needs to be taken in making sure that the VPN service providers you are looking at are actually providing the service quality you need.

As well as ensuring the speed statistics are right on paper, it’s worth checking the reviews for the company too. Incognito browsing (navigazione in incognito) looks good when companies are advertising all the right things you want to hear, but do they actually give you the service they quote?

At the same time as looking in to service qualities, you should also be highly cautious of fake companies and websites. You place a large amount of trust in the VPN provider you connect through so you need to be certain that all your data and personal accounts are truly safe. Scam companies are there, so if your get is telling you that something isn’t right you should probably stay away from the provider you are looking at.

So in conclusion, VPNs are mostly reliable but do your research before signing on the important dotted line on a contract.