Questions to ask before making your website live

Website creation is a lengthy process; we are here to help you add a little bit of more caution towards launching your dream. Many questions must be on your mind right now? Let us ease your doubts through these quirky FAQs. 


  • Is code validity important for your website?


For creating any website, we require web developers. That’s why it is the first thing to check on your checklist. First, you need to validate all the coding very minutely. Then, we need to check that all the redirecting and interlinking pages are working properly. As CTA (Call To Action) helps you generate business, all the CTA, email and forms should be filled properly. 


  • Should web design be necessary?


Web Design is amongst the most important parts of website development. It is vital that all the graphics and images should be loading smoothly. Today as all devices are interconnected with one another, your website should be able to load properly across all wide range of devices. 

If there is a 404 error recurring on your website, the user should be provided with enough feedback.  


  • Quantity of Content or Quality of Content?


The user should be able to understand the content and essential topics should be easily visible (through highlighting or underlining). Lack of correct spelling or grammar brings down your website ranking. Before the website is live, all the test content should be removed as it makes the user interface problematic. 


  • Does SEO make the website easier or even more complex?


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ensures more lead generation so you need to submit your XML sitemaps to all search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo, etc. Every image should have alt tags as it helps even if the image isn’t loading properly. There shouldn’t be too much keyword stuffing shouldn’t be done as lowers the overall ranks of your website. For any website to rank, meta-data, meta-title, and meta-description should be unique. It should also have limited characters for every webpage. 


  • What is the Role of Marketing in Website creation?


Every aspect of marketing is necessary when it comes to website creation. The key role of marketing is to generate leads (or say business) so you should ensure that all your lead capture forms are working accurately. If your company wants to have a blog, it should be started at least a month before the launch date. The company should be registered on relevant social media platforms. Also, registration on Google Webmaster helps you analyze the internal as well as externals links on your website. Your company should send an email to everyone about the launch date along with a proper email signature. Before the launch date, your company should have a written Press Release. 

Conclusion : Furthermore, these eccentric questions will help you become an enhanced website designing and development company.