Retail POS Systems – The Complete Guide to 2020

Are you a retailer and wondering what kind of POS system is best for your store?

With our POS systems retail guide, you will be up to date about POS systems for retail in no time. We’ll show you without further ado what you need to look out for in cash register systems in 2020, so that at the end of the article you will know exactly which cash register is best for your store.

Modern POS systems for retail

There are quite a few functions that modern POS systems offer for retail today. Before you decide on a new POS system, you should definitely ask yourself the following 3 questions:

What can happen if you don’t adhere to the regulations can be read later in this article.

Can I work with the POS system online and offline?

Nowadays we are almost always connected. Our smartphone provides updates every minute. But what about a till system? In any case, it makes sense to make sure that your POS system works online and offline. Because the Internet is not always the best, especially in rural areas.

Since you manage sensitive data on your cash register, it makes sense that this data doesn’t just disappear when you go offline. Modern POS systems therefore offer you the opportunity to work equally online and offline. Your data will therefore be synchronized regularly. So you never have to worry about your data.

Can I create financial reports and analyzes with the POS system?

If you want to make your company future-proof, you should regularly look at sales evaluations and continually define new goals. But can a POS system help? Yes, modern POS systems in retail help you to create clear analyzes or financial reports.

So you can analyze exactly where you stand and what you need to improve if necessary. Your tax advisor will also be happy to receive properly processed analyzes.

The specifics in retail

The customer is still king. Therefore, a POS system in retail should definitely ensure that customers leave the store satisfied, right?

Cash register systems retail – the cash register obligation also applies to you

As a retailer, you too should take the regulations on cash management seriously. If you have not yet informed yourself about this topic, we would like to give you the most important information below:

But what options do you have now? There are a number of cash register systems on the market. Keeping an overview here is not exactly easy. That is why we are introducing you to some selected POS systems for your retail trade below.

Touch screen checkout in retail? Does it make sense?

For some years now, it has been impossible to imagine life without touchscreens.  Not without reason: touch screens are comfortable and easy to use.

Advantages of a touch screen checkout:

Merchandise management and inventory management quickly and easily

Uncomplicated operation and connection of additional devices (e.g. receipt printer)

Statistics on products and sales easily accessible

100% lawful

Analyzes directly on the touchscreen  

Retail POS systems: what good is a POS app?

In addition to touchscreen checkouts, tablets and smartphones are becoming increasingly popular as cash registers. But does that also apply to retail? Basically, it always depends on how your shop is set up. If it is important to you to access your POS system from several locations, an app as a cash register certainly makes sense.

Checkout apps are even available free of charge. But what exactly do the free apps offer? Here are a few features:

Change calculator

Give discounts

Rights management for your colleagues

Add special requests

Analysis of key figures

Retail POS systems: should I invest in a POS POS system?

These POS systems offer you everything you need from A to Z and ensure that your customer does not have to wait long to pay.

But what exactly does a POS system offer?

Point of sale software for retail

With professional software, you save time checking out and have more time for the important things, such as B. advising your customers.

Scan function

Articles can easily be scanned with a scanner.

Different payment options

Customers have different demands when it comes to payment. Whether card or cash – with a POS system you can offer all payment options.

Communication with the inventory control system

You can usually easily transfer data from your merchandise management system to the Centeredge POS System Review.

Individual composition (hardware)

You decide whether you want to connect a receipt printer, scanner or PC.

Simple user interface

Thanks to the easy-to-use software, you and your colleagues can work quickly and easily with the system.

The most important functions of a POS cash register system

Cashing in quickly and reliably

When you check out, things have to be quick so that customers leave the store satisfied. In addition, the training period for a new system should be as short as possible. POS systems are basically characterized by good usability.

Working with foresight

Do you want to see your company grow over the long term? A POS system helps you keep track of things and relieves you of day-to-day business tasks.

Create analyzes and reports

With a data export, you can reliably transfer your business documents to your computer or forward them to the tax office or your tax advisor.

Conclusion on POS systems retail: Pay attention to the various regulations

From our point of view, it is particularly important that you pay attention to the different regulations and laws. After all, anyone who does not adhere to the rules defined by the tax office can expect high fines.

Our recommendation:  POS systems are not only 100% compliant with the law, they also offer modern functions that save you a lot of time.