Shadowban On Instagram: What Is It And How To Avoid It?

Have you noticed that your posts have less reach? Did your latest posts not have the expected interactions even after you used the best website to buy cheap followers? You may have committed an infraction, and Instagram has banned your account.

Instagram, like all social networks, have rules of use. To make sure that this social network’s profiles do not violate them, there is the shadowban algorithm.

In this post, we will see how you can check if your account has been banned and what you should do to avoid it or eliminate it.

What is the Shadowban of Instagram?

Shadowban is an Instagram algorithm that penalizes accounts that have performed specific actions not allowed by this social network. It could be considered a “fine” imposed by Instagram on profiles that do not comply with the established rules.

But what exactly happens if your account gets banned or fined?

When you use a hashtag, your content will not be shown together with the rest of the content with the same tag, so you will not be found through them.

Your reach will be limited, so only some of your followers will be able to see the content you share, interactions on your posts will decrease, and your follower growth will be lower.

You may not be able to follow or unfollow more users, like, or comment.

How To Avoid An Instagram Shadowban?

Some practices are not to the liking of Instagram and that we are going to see below. If you avoid committing them, you will prevent the algorithm from “fines” your profile.

Shadowban – Don’t Abuse Hashtags

You can include up to 30 hashtags in each publication, but you must choose these hashtags with strategy and not put because you can put up to 30.

Also, many accounts limit themselves to copying a list of hashtags, often provided by applications, to spread their content as widely as possible, and doing that is not a good hashtag strategy.

Ideally, it would help if you used specific hashtags, which have to do with the content of your image, video, description, or sector, instead of putting a lot of general hashtags that do not attract your target audience.

Shadowban – Don’t Always Use The Same Hashtags

If you always use the same hashtags in your posts, the Instagram algorithm could ban your account for SPAM.

This does not mean that you have to use different hashtags in the content you share, but you should avoid copying the same hashtags together or always putting some hashtags in the same order in all your posts.

The ideal is to have a list of hashtags and go using those you consider to be more suited to the content you are sharing.

Shadowban – Don’t Use Banned Hashtags

Some hashtags are prohibited, so if you use them, your account may be banned. Most of these hashtags are words with sexual connotations or incite some diseases such as anorexia or bulimia.

But if you want to be sure that the hashtags you are going to use are not prohibited, there is a straightforward way to find out. Look for that hashtag in the application, in the “Recent” section. If it is permanently prohibited, the hashtag will not appear to you; If it is temporarily banned, a text will appear informing you that these images are hidden because their content could violate Instagram’s rules.