Should Businesses Invest in Co-Managed IT Services?

Modern technology is crucial to streamline the company’s services for better human resource (HR) functions, employee management, customer transaction, and more. Considering this, an information technology (IT) team has become an integral part of businesses. These professionals are hired to perform computer IT support for their respective organizations. 

However, getting the services of ITs can be a daunting task. Companies can opt to undergo the hiring process or go for outsourcing. But, this is not the case if they choose Co-Managed IT support.

Let’s look closely at what this managed service can do to sustain a business’ technology needs.

Cheaper Than Managed IT

Price-wise, Co-Managed IT costs are lower down Managed IT. Per ITS Partner Dan Izydorek, the price is around two-thirds the rate of the latter. Numerically, Izydorek’s company charges $100 for Co-Managed IT services while $150 for fully Managed IT for every user. Contrarily, he explained that this still varies depending on the IT service the company needs. 

Keep the In-House

Firing the in-house staff can be a liability for businesses, considering that they know the company’s internal IT process. Some business owners might not want to lose these valuable assets. 

Picking Co-Managed IT over other managed services can be the best solution. One of its known strengths is partnering with an in-house team. The in-house team can provide historical knowledge that the Co-Managed agency can put into the business processes and procedures.

Bring Multiple Specialized Team Members

Instead of one or two individuals working for the company’s IT support team, the Co-Managed services bring professionals specializing in various IT tasks for businesses. This way, companies avoid designating different functions into a staffer and instead spread them for better workflow. The experiences of these IT professionals can also help inexperienced in-house teams learn new technologies. 

The mentioned benefits of hiring Co-Managed teams are only a few of what companies can expect. Selecting the best service provider is essential for guaranteed successful IT management.Get in touch with Cyber Command through our contact page for more information. Interested clients can also call us at (407) 587-0089 or message our email at