Signs you are a Laptop Person

There are people who prefer buying and using laptops and then there are people who prefer using desktop computers over any other kind of computer. If you have always been using the latter, but are planning to buy your very first laptop computer you might want to know if you are a laptop person or not. Yes, you have got to have at least some signs and qualities within you that make you a good laptop person. Otherwise, people buy laptops, use them for some days and then get back to their desktop computer life. If you don’t want to waste money like a lot of others do, you might want to look for the following signs:

  • You like portable things: Why would you want to be stuck to a specific place, when there are portable computers available for you? If you want to carry your laptop wherever you go, you wouldn’t enjoy desktop computers anymore.
  • You like something you can travel with: If your job profile requires you to travel a lot, it is a major sign you need to buy a laptop right now. You cannot afford not working while traveling and it is impossible to carry your desktop computer everywhere you go. Thus, laptop comes into the picture to save your life.
  • You prefer light weight stuff more than the heavy items: Need we say more?
  • You have severe electricity fluctuation where you live: You can’t afford to lose your documents or work over and over when the power goes off in your house. Since a laptop automatically starts working on the battery when the electricity fails, you do not lose your work.
  • You don’t want to get into the whole zone of assembling: Desktop computers require assembling, which takes efforts, energy and time.
  • You attend conferences, meetings and seminars way too much: You can carry your laptop to any important meeting, presentation, seminar, etc.
  • You share your room with someone who complains about the brightness of your computer screen: Instead of torturing your roommate or sibling with the screen’s brightness, you can always use a laptop in one corner and do all the work you want to. It also lets you enjoy our privacy.

If you show most of the signs mentioned above, go ahead and buy a perfect laptop computer for yourself. Remember it is also a very good gift for your loved ones.