Signs Your Business Needs Co-Managed IT Services


Many businesses employ managed service providers (MSPs), which provide the expertise, hours, and resources to operate their IT systems.

Outsourcing IT can help businesses reduce their IT costs and avoid the high cost of full-time staff.

Many MSPs offer all-or-nothing services to clients who sign up for fully managed services. This is where the business outsources its entire IT function. However, not all companies need or want to outsource their IT. Some companies need additional support for their in-house IT departments.

Co-managed IT support is the solution. This arrangement allows businesses only to hire the computer IT support they require.

There are ways your business could benefit from a co-managed IT service provider:

  • Your IT staff may be small or not have the necessary experience.

Many companies are successful because they have only one or two IT professionals. But businesses may find themselves in situations where their internal resources cannot meet the challenge or opportunity.

A co-managed IT services arrangement allows companies of all sizes to tap into the additional expertise and workforce provided by the vendor whenever they are needed.

  • Overworked IT team

Any company can notice that its IT department is becoming overwhelmed, even with large internal teams. Temporal swings, special projects, and rapid growth can cause undue stress on IT departments. It is common to want to increase staff, but it might not be cost-effective.With co-managed IT services, businesses can only bring in the resources that they require when they need them. 

It is possible to reduce the burden on busy service desk personnel by offering co-managed IT services. Our team can take on overflow work that the in-house service desk cannot handle. This helps prevent tickets from building upon staff and improves resolution speed.

  •  IT department lacks experience in a forthcoming initiative.

Businesses often face opportunities to implement new IT systems or programs as business strategy and technology change. The problem is that IT teams within the company may not be equipped to manage, plan, implement, or sustain a new initiative.

Co-managed IT can give businesses access to a broader range and expertise than their in-house staff. Good MSPs send their engineers regularly to continuing education courses and encourage them to get professional certifications. Aside from the many client issues they have seen, these MSPs can also offer valuable learning opportunities. These are all strengths that businesses can leverage with co-managed IT services.

Cyber Command allows you to set up your IT department without tax, salary, benefits, and taxes on employees. The MID model will help align your business interests. We make sure your technology runs smoothly.

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