Simple Website Design Principles for Your Business Website

Visual appearance as well as web design usability are two major design principles that will determine whether a website design is effective or not. A good web design should keep a balance between usability and aesthetics. These are two principles of a website design that should work together in a well-balanced manner.


Many already know that a good web design needs to be able to be search engine optimized well. Companies such as SEO Services Scottsdale AZ will even say that this is the most important element.

Vital principles

Here are several simple thoughts to help in designing a business website and companies such as Arizona Web Development  will tell you that these are vital principles to use for a site to give you the most “bang for your buck”.

Simpler the better

Leonardo da Vinci is reported to have said that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. Using simplicity in a web design means removing any barriers and instead building an experience for the user that is remarkable.

F pattern layout

Studies have shown that web site visitors follow screens in a pattern that is “F-shaped”; scanning first the top, then moving to upper left and continuing on the left side of the screen. Surfers always browse in this F-shaped pattern which heavily favors the left side of any website. It only stands to reason that web designers need to place the most vital elements from branding to other important information on the left side of the web design.

Using images

Images that are high-quality also play a crucial role when designing a business website. Adding images is one of the better techniques to improve design as well as adding extra appeal.

Lose attention

Always make certain your web design assists your visitors in finding quick solutions and answers for what they are looking for. Don’t make them go through unnecessary and annoying processes as you will quickly lose their attention.