Smart Band Leading New Era


We can receive information from all directions when lifting wrist. The smart band screen is not large, but it has a lot of content. It has occupied an important position in the smart wear industry. 

The technological innovation of smart band makes people amazed. HONOR band 5 is made of fully curved 2.5 D glass. The screen is in an arc-shaped state like the band. It looks more high-end. 

A 0.95-inch AMOLED magic color screen is adopted. It has 240*120 high resolution, which is beautiful. 

This smart band can carry out 5 brightness levels. Even in the hot sun, you can see the band screen clearly. In the night scene, an automatic adjustment function is also added. There is no need to worry about the clarity of smart band in dim environment. It is convenient to operate. Full-screen touch is matched with physical keys. You need to slide on the screen to turn pages and browse more content. Sliding to the right can return to the superior menu. The home key can return to the home page. 

The watchband continues the bevel edge texture of the previous generation. It can prevent skid. The watchband is accurate and not monotonous. 

Charging is more convenient. Charging base can be directly connected to the Micro USB data cable. In terms of endurance, there is no need to worry. Timely turning on functions such as heart rate monitoring, which consume more electricity, can last for more than a week. 

HONOR band 5 continues the previously well-received horseshoe buckle strap + U-shaped wristband design. The high-strength hardened composite plastic material ensures reliable strength. It is lighter and fixed with soft rubber ring. It can ensure that in high-intensity sports, it will not fall off due to fierce collision and friction. The holes of HONOR band 5 are dense, with 17 holes designed on one side. It will fit better when worn. 8 holes are also provided on the other side, which should be used to guide sweat and dissipate heat. HONOR band 5 adopts buckle design, which is as stable as screws. It has high practicability, and can be easily replaced without tools. At the same time, it supports 50 m waterproof. You do not need to take off the band when washing your hands and bathing. There is no problem when swimming in the swimming pool. 

Today’s young people pay great attention to health. It is the direction HONOR has been working hard for. Exercising to a suitable heart rate can achieve better exercise effect. We need real-time monitoring to make adjustments. With HUAWEI TruSeen3.5 intelligent heart rate monitoring, the heart rate can be monitored in real time. 


The precise heart rate monitoring function of the smart band is combined with the heart health research APP. Through professional algorithm and technical analysis, the detection results of arrhythmia can be obtained. The accuracy rate of atrial fibrillation screening can reach 97.8%. 

Blood oxygen testing has been identified by authoritative certification. Smart bands are creating considerate and practical functions.