The 6 Rules of Effective Online Reputation Management Services

Everyone has a public life on the web; what you say might help or hurt others, impacting their lives. So keeping a good online reputation is crucial for anyone living in the age of the internet.

You need to keep your image clean and positive, both online and offline. It is because once something negative gets out about us, it spreads like wildfire.

Some professionals manage this for a living, promising to increase one’s “goodwill” on the internet. They call themselves Online Reputation Management services (ORM) specialists.

But not all of them do a good job – and some of them will even ruin your reputation further, so how can you be sure to hire an ethical company?

To ensure that you are hiring the right ORM professionals, here are some rules that you need to know.

1. Be wary of infomercials or numbers that seem too good to be true; they usually are

If your rep management firm is trying to lure you in with amazing-sounding deals like “unlimited touch-ups for a mere $5,000” or “we will take care of all your social media profiles!” beware!

Reputation management is a serious thing and requires commitment and time; it cannot be done overnight. Moreover, any company that brags about its good reputation and credibility should not be trusted either.

2. Check their recent work and reviews from past clients

Reputation management service providers usually offer a free initial consultation to potential clients. Take advantage of this and ask them about their reputation management services, how they work, the possible solutions you can expect from them, etc.

Hiring an ORM agency is like hiring any other company; you need to ascertain its capability before making your final decision.

 3. Check how long they have been in business

Every company needs time to develop its system of doing things, usually learning from past mistakes or trial-and-error. Some companies may be good at first, but they somehow fail later on.

So it is crucial to find out how long your rep management company has been in business and if it has ever gone through a rough patch. Reputation management is not something you can get good at overnight, so ask the ORM agency how long it has been in business and if it has had any problems in the past.

4. Be wary of false promises

A reputable company should never over-promise, especially when it comes to results. You can expect them to work for you, but be realistic about your goals.

It is also vital to know what you want them to do before hiring an ORM service provider.

5. Avoid companies that use high-pressure sales tactics

It is crucial to be comfortable with the ORM company; otherwise, there will be problems later. Always know the agency that tries to pressure you into making a decision right away without allowing you enough time to think about it.

6. Consider the cost

The price for an effective reputation management UK service can vary widely, depending on the company and the services that they offer.


With so many ORM agencies out there, it can be challenging to find the right one for you. But if you do your research and look for a reputable company with good reviews, your chances of finding that agency will increase.