The Benefits of Manged IT Services in Tampa


Today’s business owners rely heavily on technology, especially the Internet. Mobile and cloud-based apps have revolutionized the way that employees work, interact with customers or clients, and manage data. All those changes have brought about a wealth of opportunities, but they also pose unique challenges.

Most companies don’t have the budget to hire a full staff of IT professionals trained to handle every aspect of emerging technologies. The good news is, there’s no longer any need to keep IT professionals on the company’s payroll. With Managed IT Services Tampa business owners can get all the help they need at a fraction of the cost.

Predictable Pricing

Managed IT services can help to cut down on the costs associated with running a business and help to prevent surprise expenses. Business owners pay a set monthly or annual fee, and in return, they get access to servers, off-site data and app storage, online security, and trained personnel to help them manage every aspect of their online affairs.

Impressive Scalability

One of the great things about managed IT is that it offers a fully scalable solution. Small business owners can pay for only what they need without having to worry about what will happen as their companies grow and thrive. Businesses that take an in-house approach to manage data, apps, and security will have a much harder time and have to spend a lot more money if they need to expand.

Minimize Downtime

When servers fail or equipment malfunctions, it causes downtime for the company, costing them money and creating all kinds of headaches. Managed IT service providers employ redundant equipment so they can switch to a different system in the event of an equipment failure. They also employ safeguards to reduce the risk of human error.

Improved Security

Just about every modern company relies on digital data, which makes them all vulnerable to potential cyber-attacks. Hackers are always coming up with new ways to infiltrate systems and target company data. Managed IT companies have entire teams of cybersecurity experts available to help ensure PCI compliance and maintain preventative measures against potential attacks.

Proactive Monitoring

The cybersecurity experts employed by managed IT companies don’t wait until hackers have already infiltrated the system and stolen essential data to take action. They focus on proactive monitoring and implementing preventative solutions to protect their clients. Proactive monitoring doesn’t just cut down on cyber-attacks. It also helps to minimize downtime and avoid potentially costly mistakes.

Narrowed Focus

Business owners and their employees need to focus on one thing, and it’s not resolving complex network issues. It’s providing a valuable service to American consumers. Contracting managed IT services from a third-party vendor lets everyone at the company focus on fulfilling the role that he or she was assigned and ensures that everyone can focus on essential work to push the business forward.

The Bottom Line

Managed IT services provide a cost-effective solution for small and midsize businesses that don’t have it in the budget to purchase servers and hire teams of IT staff to maintain them. When companies sign on with a third-party managed IT company, they’ll get the same level of service and security found at larger corporations, helping them gain and maintain a competitive edge.