The Best Social Media Tools and How Netbase Can Help


We are constantly being inundated with information regarding social media and social media tools. Sometimes it is hard to figure out which tools are the best to use and why. Today’s discussion involves four main tools that you should concern yourself with and how our company(NetBadse)can help benefit your business goals.

The Top Four Social Media Tools

1) BuzzSumo is one that makes the top of the list. The tool helps you search influencers and trends. It will help you find out which social media platforms are outperforming the others and why.

BuzzSumo will also help you to see what kind of influence you have on social media and what you might need to change. BuzzSumo is not cheap. It starts at $80 a month.

2) Google Trends is a simple and free platform. It helps you find trends and influencers like the first one. You can also use Google Trends to see how the current information compares and contrasts with previous information. That can be very helpful when it comes to performance on social media. Something relevant and interesting two months ago might not have the same authority now.

3) Buffer Publish is the next one to talk over. This one can either come as a free program or paid. You will not get as much if you choose the free version, but you will have enough to cover the basics. The paid plans begin at $15 a month.

Buffer is designed more for small businesses and marketing teams. It keeps everything one place, which proves invaluable with social media. It is similar to using HootSuite.

4) The final one is Netbase. We explore the many benefits of using Netbase as one of your top social media tools below.

Netbase: The Top Four Reasons Why You Need This Is Part Of Your Social Media Tools

1) There is so much that rides on what people say about your brand, particularly, in the tech world and social media. One review can either make or break your impact on social media. You need high-quality data and information to make sure your brand is the one customer choose over the others. NetBase includes everything from surveys and peers focus groups to ratings into one package. it is a big time-saver compared to some of the other social media tools online.

2) You have a big problem to solve. You need accurate information full of facts. You do not need misleading information that causes dissension in the ranks. That is why NetBase is very popular and useful. It separates the facts from opinions and other sorts of non-fiction.

3) You have to understand your audience before you react to them. You need to understand their needs before you can market something they will want and respond to. That is true, especially online. You need a tool that can provide resourcefulness when trying to understand and connect with the language of your audience.

Social media tools like NetBase, can now respond to slang, emojis, related images, and sarcasm where before it could not. You cannot miss out on the conversation, particularly concerning online social media. You cannot expect to market your brand if you do not know what to say.

4) How can you expect to share sentiment if you cannot share value or interest with your product? That is why you need NetBase as part of our social tools. NetBase is more than two times more efficient at sharing sentiment compared to competitors.

Visit the official page for NetBase to find out how their brand can help your brand today.