The Best way to Decommission a Data Center


Technology has paved the way to store and access highly confidentially data from anywhere in the world through servers and data centers. Majority of companies use data centers to secure and protect information relating to finance, access codes, IPR, research, products, employee information, tax details, etc. These data centers are governed by strict rules and regulation, decommissioning one is not a simple job.

Proper planning is essential for data Center decommissioning as the task is much more complex and a lot of things can go wrong. So to ensure a data Center decommissioning checklist is in place. In this article, we have shared a step by step checklist that data center managers or any other person associated with decommissioning can follow to make the project manageable and easy.

Checklist for data center decommissioning

  1. 1. Primary stage for setting up the decommissioning

Before you take up the project of decommissioning do the initial groundwork for the smooth transition of work.

  • Identify all the stakeholders connected with the decision making the process and the work of decommissioning. This is the essential step for effective decommission
  • Assign a project manager to supervise the task and take the necessary steps for easy workflow.
  • Prepare a draft detailing the scope of the work such as budget required, extent, and duration of the project.
  1. Inventory
  • Identify all the software and hardware assets that need to the decommissioned by conducting a network discovery tool
  • Compare the assets discovered to the existing CMD and with the physical review of the inventory.
  • Make a comprehensive detailing all the items, equipment, and location of the assets to be decommissioned. Retain license of the software, server, and equipment. Contemplate on what happens to each item on the decommission list along with an opportunity for asset recovery.
  1. Planning

This stage should be solely dedicated to creating a detailed implantation plan. It must include the role, responsibility of all the persons associated with the project along with contact details of all the vendors that may be needed for completing the project successfully. In this stage, it is highly recommended canceling the maintenance contract of the equipment which is likely to be affected. Additionally, have a plan in place for the backup system to avoid loss of data and issue a warning for any potential slow service.

  1. Enacting the decommissioning by tearing down and wiping
  • List and gather the tools and labor required for the job including the best hoist and packing material for boxing the equipment. Conduct security checks for outsourced tasks and work.
  • Inform the stakeholder on the procedure in detail, and confirm if any live authorization is required before proceeding. On the day of happening disconnect the equipment properly, tag them and erase, recycle or shred each device as planned.
  1. Coordinating

The final stage of decommissioning involves hardware palletizing and packing by following the protocol. Coordinate with the financial department for recording all disposed of assets and with IT depart to confirm the chain of custody and receipts. Review the documents to ensure compliance with the comprehensive plan established and with the budget.

Bottom Line:

The data Center decommissioning checklist shared in the article may look extensive but the complexity of the project makes it necessary. Following it will aid the organization in the long run by saving time, money, and the environment.