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Given the popularity of this type of channel, chances are good that you already use email to promote your products. However, if you bought one of those ready-made lists and started firing at all her contacts, you made a mistake that must be corrected in time.

Your email provider Gmail, Hotmail, or others knows that you are spamming and has probably blacklisted you. Your emails end up going straight to the junk mail box of those contacts. And that’s for one simple reason: They didn’t allow you to email them.

Change strategy: Use LinkedIn the social network focused on the professional relationship between your users to generate email contacts. The idea is that you send them a message and ask for their email address in exchange for something, which could be a discount on a product, for example. For the ppc for dispenaries in Medical cannabis you can have the finest options now.

Make dark posts with special offers

Although the name suggests something clandestine or complex, the dark post preaches a lot of respect for the customer.

It consists of creating an ad that will never be posted on your company’s Facebook page. The idea is that it only appears to people who are really interested in that product or service. Remember the digital marketing motto: Right content, to the right person at the right time.

Use Twitter Cards

Twitter is a social media famous for its content that can have a maximum of 140 characters. This makes life a little difficult for those who need to advertise on the platform, after all, it’s hard to get a convincing message with so little text.

For these cases, there is Twitter Cards, which is a type of tweet where you can include photos, videos, ads, links and whatever you want. It opens inside Twitter itself, which makes it easier for users to interact with your ad.

Do Internal Linking Work

This tip is especially important for bloggers as a way to capture the interest of potential customers. If you don’t use it or find it unnecessary, know that corporate blogging is not just a digital marketing tool: it’s the most profitable and important of all.

After all, you need content for your prospects to find your brand on the internet. Remember, people rarely do a Google search to buy something. You need to get them to reach you without direct advertisements.

And one of the most important requirements for generating views for your blog is to insert internal links, that is, take the reader from one article to another. This is an important SEO criterion, which is what we’ll talk about next.

Never Forget SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or search engine optimization. These are the practices that ensure your content appears on the first pages of Google.

The search engine uses SEO to evaluate the quality of its content and, from that evaluation, place it before or after other content in a search. Bottom line: The better your content is and the more it suits SEO practices, the more likely it is to appear on the front pages of Google and the more people will see it.

As you may have realized, marketing is a much deeper concept than you might think. And its practice in the digital world offers numerous benefits to companies with lower investment potential.

If you have not started to know about it, do not waste any more time. Now is the time to increase your company’s visibility by spending little and getting closer to your potential customers!