The Secret of Green Night Vision Scope Image

With the constant development of technologies, you can now select between green, black and white and colour night vision. Still, average night vision scope provides its users with an image green in colour, as used to be in all night vision optics before. If you are wondering about such colour choice, look through the reasons below.

Reasons for Green Colour Use

Being commonly used colour for night vision images, green was not picked on the spot but due to certain factors, and exploited successfully for decades before modern alternatives appear.

  • Colour fact – being in the middle of the colour spectrum, green is the easiest colour to be detected and perceived by the human eye. So, even if you have a minimum amount of light, you won’t need to overload your eye muscles greatly to perceive the green, it will happen almost automatically.
  • The environmental factor – it is believed that moon and starlight glow out certain short lightwaves which help to distinguish objects. These lightwaves are perceived with the green colour use easier than any other colour.
  • Green phosphor light – the inner side of night vision scope is covered with phosphor, the energy of the scope makes phosphor glow to add contrast and clearness to the image, while the phosphor layer produces green colour as well.

As you see there are sensible reasons for getting a green image with night vision scope, and as it has served well for many years, it is still being exploited in night vision devices manufacturing. But you are always free to go for alternatives and select black and white or coloured night vision technologies for your maximum convenience.