Things To Consider While Buying Computer Gaming Monitors

Planning to buy a gaming monitor? If yes, you must consider the following features so that you end up investing in the right device only.

  • It should have a high response rate
  • It should offer high and full HD resolution
  • It should have a high refresh rate
  • It should have a high pixel density
  • It should have a high aspect ratio
  • It should have high brightness quotient
  • It should have a high aspect ratio
  • It should have a high contrast ratio

Having said that, the list below is a compilation of 4 best PrimeCables gaming monitors that you can buy for a dynamic gaming experience. Besides, the list covers options for all budgets – low and high.

  1. 27″ 4K Gaming Monitor With Flat Display Screen

This gaming monitor is an OEM product that has a slim aluminum bezel body. As a result, it is strong despite being lightweight on a comparison with its counterparts. The most significant features that make this gaming monitor so popular are given below.

  • An AMD graphics card to support high-speed games
  • High 2ms response time
  • High 8.3 million pixel density
  • Compatible with desk mounts manufactured to support all flat screens from 16″ to 27″
  • High 4K resolution up to 3480 X 2160P
  1. 27″ Curved Gaming Monitor With Aluminum Bezel Body

Popular for its curved edges, this one gives a more realistic dynamic display. It offers full HD resolution up to 1080P. Other significant features of this gaming monitor include;

  • A super fast refresh rate of 144 Hz
  • A super fast response rate of 1 ms
  • 16:9 aspect ratio and 3000:1 contrast ratio
  • 178° viewing angle
  1. 32″ 4K AMD FreeSync Ultra-Slim Desktop Monitor

This is the next-gen gaming monitor that is perfect for playing high-speed games and watching heavy video files since it has a super fast refresh rate of 60 Hz, giving a pixelation-free gaming experience. Some of its benefits that you should know before buying it are given below.

  • It supports 3840x2160P ultra high HD resolution
  • It has a 178° horizontal/vertical viewing angle
  1. 27″ AHVA WQHD Gaming Monitor

High dynamic contrast ratio of 50000:1 and brightness of 350 cd/m2 make this gaming monitor an ideal choice of high-speed games. Its most noteworthy features include the following.

  • High resolution of 2560x1440P
  • High refresh rate of 60 Hz
  • A high response rate of 5 ms
  • Viewing angle of 178° (horizontal and vertical)