Things you need to know before changing to VoIP equipment


When transforming into VoIP, businesses must make certain communication is completely available. If you are currently making use of the Internet Protocol for voice transmission, you will not generally require any type of new gadgets. If your service is communicating by means of an ISDN system, you could likewise be able to maintain this system.

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  • Transforming the ISDN system

If you do not want to invest money in new tools, you can quickly convert your ISDN telephone system to an IP telephone. To do this, you will require either a SIP telecommunications system link or you can use the solutions of a cloud telephone system.

  • SIP trunking through a SIP telecom

If the ISDN system is ready for the internet, merely attach it with the network of IP using the SIP system link. A SIP trunk packages all telephone links that are running in parallel as well as enable these links to be developed concurrently. SIP trunking is the ideal transitional solution when transforming to VoIP. However, in the long-term, it deserves making use of a cloud telephone system to take pleasure in all the benefits of brand-new technology.

  • Cloud telephone system

Flexibility, performance as well as convenience, utilize a digital telephone system to find new possibilities in communications. A cloud telephone system suggests you are no more connected to one place. Each of your end devices can access the system, also from abroad. Handle your contact number yourself at any moment. You can also benefit from your supplier’s solution offering: It will generally care for repair services, maintenance as well as updates.

Is my data risk-free?

Complicated security protocols such as Transportation Layer Safety or Secure Real-Time Transportation Protocol secure SIP trunking, i.e., the IP connection that is accountable for attaching as well as detaching the phone call. Your data will be almost 100% safe and secure while internal calls. Once a call departs the private network, total protection cannot be assured as your file encryption just safeguards half the link.

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