The project TSLA was planned way back then the rumours. Such advanced, fast-trackingcars need time and technology to work parallel in a safer mode. But as per the recent tweet posted by the CEO, Elon Musk giving an answer on the availability of model 3 in Australia. It was to go on air in late 2019, but as of now, Elon Musk reported around mid-2019.

As fast as the car is, the sellers are also trying high-speed delivery of Tesla’s Model 3 to its customers. By looking at the ability of the company on producing and delivering model 3 of tesla, stocks are weighed on.

The Good Deeds

This pure combination of innovative technology with time saviour is heavenly for people and the profit of all the hard work has been recorded positively. On Wednesday, model 3 of tesla testified a net profit, wider expected margin, huge cash flow as per the latest sales report. By looking at the response, the bars of expectations are pushed up.

The New Beginning

Orders for model 3 of tesla from Europe and China would be taken into considerations by the end of the year, says the tesla company. The recent buzz on Tesla was about its delivery in Europe. According to Dutch vehicle authority, Tesla’s Model 3 (long-range battery range) to get delivered first in the market of Europe which would start in February.

Elon Musk was keen to start delivering Model 3 of tesla in Europe and China. Further Musk says that he isn’t much concerned about the sales factor in either of the two countries, Europe or China. It is so because Tesla’s Model 3 is going to be in profit for sure, and any potential setback taken up by the federal tax credit of the U.S against Tesla’s purchasing units would be taken care of.

The Glory

Soon after the release of Tesla’s Model 3 in Europe, everyone was amazed. Model 3 of Tesla became famous and best-selling almost overnight. It was so in a trend that it outshined other companies such as Volkswagen, Renault, etc.

The producers of Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen were so furious that they began threatening. Nevertheless, it didn’t make any difference in the manufacturing and delivering of model 3 tesla. It grew enormously also by people’s sympathy towards the makers and against those threat messages.

The Model 3 was started with runner up for European Car of the Year. This invention of the electric vehicle was not only a boon for the people but also for the company. You can check more information from