Tips for Securing Your Business

Doing business in today’s society is complicated. Not only do you need to secure your physical building to protect against vandalism, theft and injuries, but you also need to secure your computer systems and data. These are a few tips for securing your business.

Physical Security

Your company should have high-security deadbolts on every entry and exit point. In addition, you should have an alarm system that can detect and act on intrusions. For example, it may sense movement in a room and then sound an alarm while contacting the police. You should also consider industrial video monitoring systems. Security cameras deter criminals and can be used as evidence in criminal investigations. You should also have a key control policy, placing sensitive equipment and data behind locked doors and limiting the number of keys to your building or sensitive areas.

Your company should have a policy that addresses visitor management. For example, visitors should sign in and have a badge that states their status. The reception area should also be blocked off from the rest of the building by a physical barrier, such as a door or gate. You may assign someone to monitor the building to keep track of visitors.

Data Security

Your most important software and data should be secured using two-factor authentication, which requires that an individual use two methods to verify that they have access to specific data or software. In addition, passwords should be complicated and changed frequently. You can also adjust your employees’ permission levels for not only building access, but also for data and software access.

Consider storing sensitive data on the cloud and removing this data from your company’s hard drives. Also, make sure your employees secure their smartphones. A social media policy, including email and social networking, should be developed to ensure company privacy.

Identify your company’s vulnerabilities. Then, consider consulting with a security company as you develop a well-rounded plan.