Tips for Strategic Placement of your Security Camera


The security cameras are an important part of the home and office security plan. However, to improve the efficiency of these cameras, it paramount that you install them at a strategic location. It is only with proper installation that you cover a wide viewing area as well as monitor the premises effectively. Here are a few important tips for strategic installation of your security camera:

  • Cover all the exit and entry points

In most cases of robbery and invasion of the property, the intruders enter the premises through the back door. It is therefore vital that you cover all the entry and exit points in your home or office. While installing the camera at these points, be careful about the direction of the lens; the camera lens should be facing the visitors as they stand at the doors. Also, it is important that you choose the right camera that has a sufficient coverage range to cover the entire premises and hide the blind spots.

  • Don’t forget the indoors

Often, the home and business owners are so caught up about securing the outer area that they forget about the importance of monitoring the indoor space. A lot of notorious activities, especially in offices, takes places inside the office. Hence, it imperative that you install a camera indoors too to monitor the daily operations of the employees. The important places in the office like stock rooms, back offices and cash counters must be monitored to prevent any unauthorised person entering the area. Also, the security camera would help you keep a tab on the employees’ productivity. With indoor cameras in place, you can easily identify the intruders if they manage to break-in.

  • Secure the windows

Apart from the back doors, the most common entry point for intruders is the windows. A lot of people tend to install security systems near the entry and exit doors but fail to cover the vulnerable windows. Make sure that you install a camera in places that also covers the windows, especially the ones that is facing away from the busy street. Shutting the windows and keeping it locked all the times may not be a practical solution from the security point of view. For such locations, you can consider installing an IP bullet camera with remote monitoring capabilities so that you can monitor the live feed through your mobile device.

  • Install at a vantage point

The best way to keep your home and office protected from intrusion and burglaries is deterring. You can do this by installing the security camera in a strategic location so that it is easily visible even from a distance but is high enough to keep it out of reach from the intruders. For outdoor locations, the security experts suggest that you install a security system with DVR features so that it protects your camera against vandalism and record the footage of the people who try to destroy it.

No matter how expensive or feature-rich camera you buy, the purpose of the security system will render useless if you do not install it correctly and at the right location. Make sure that you get help from the experts to install the CCTV camera.