Tips To Boost the Performance of Your Old Smartphone

The processor determines the performance of an electronic device. High-end processors offer lightning speed performance to the user. However, getting such exceptional processors implies investment inexpensive smartphones. It may not be feasible for everyone.

In this article, we will tell you ways to enhance the speed of your old smartphone.

Update the system software

Update your iOS, or Android software to the latest version will help in optimizing for the newest applications, services, and games. The latest system software implements security patches that address unearth bugs securely and smoothly.

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Update the applications

Another important step is to keep your apps updated. It will help app developers to properly-tune the software performance for different smartphones. Updates fix bugs as well as add new features. It keeps them optimized for a variety of devices on which they run.

This is important for Android users, as Android apps have to be compatible with different manufacture ring models, different screen sizes and resolutions. Thus, there is greater scope for incompatibility.

Switch off auto-update

The act of application update requires a good amount of processing power. This is because your phone needs to download and unpack the software and verify everything before installing the update. A majority of updates are bigger. It ranges from a few MB to over a GB.

Clear browser cache

The browser caches old documents, unused apps, and cached pictures that can take up a lot of space and impair the system’s performance. It is best to clear the cache to free up space.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

There may be certain unused apps on the system that can reduce your storage space and make your system slower. It is a good practice to identify undesired apps and free up space. It will make your system faster.


With these simple tips, it is possible to boost the performance of an old computer without spending on an expensive new one. A majority of these ways can be done without any professional assistance. So, try these tips and enjoy high-performance benefits.