Tips to Improve Your Online Event

What does it take to set up a successful online event? Even though there are companies that provide events management services and offer both consulting and events management software, there are also some tried and true ways to get some planning done on your own:

1. Choose Attention Catching Name 

While selecting a relevant topic and presenting high quality content is important, it is just as important to choose a good name for the event that would be memorable and attract the public’s attention. Here are some examples of simple but attention-getting event names:

  • 2-day Facebook Marketing Bootcamp
  • 4-week Intro to Social Media Series
  • Master Twitter in 30 Minutes 

When naming the event, go with what’s simple and easy to remember. If the title is too long and has too many syllables, most people won’t keep it in mind. So keep it brief and nicely descriptive.

2. Invite People to Attend Your Event

Define who your target audience are and advertise your event among those who share the interest:

  • Use topic-relevant forum threads and discussion channels 
  • Promote your online event with social media campaigns  
  • If you already have an email database, use email marketing tools to send promotional materials and updates to those who may be interested and can potentially attend the event

Do it moderately through. Make sure not to bombard the others’ inboxes or newsfeeds. If you are too aggressive, people will either begin to ignore your emails or unfollow you on social media.

3. Set Up Online Registration Form For People To Register 

Provide a quick and easy way to register for those who are interested. One of the biggest mistakes event planners make is not providing a way for attendees to register. So set up an online event registration software in a timely manner, so that people can register for the event. If possible, after the registration send an event invitation to their calendar.

4. Promote Your Event Through Social Media, Use Email Marketing Tools

It is important to promote your event in a manner that will allow enough time for people to make the decision. Be sure not to reach out too early or too late. When it’s time, use social media campaigns and email marketing tools to get the word out about your online event. Marketing tools allow you to schedule posts in advance so that they are ready to go at the time you want them posted. They also allow you to set up multiple profiles across different social media platforms.

5. Follow Up With Registered Attendees

Remember to send event reminders, or just any kind of useful information, to the registered attendees. If someone has taken the time to register for your online event, make sure that they have everything to be able to attend – especially directions on how they can join the live stream. If for any reason someone will not be able to make it, event recording will come in handy. After the event is over, follow up with the message that would have the recording viewing directions.

6. Offer Incentives for Attending 

Last but not least, offer incentives for attending your online event, such as e-books or any type of content, a free consultation, a discount on future orders. While delivering these extras may require time and effort from you, it is a good way to attract people and also to let them know that you appreciate their attendance. This would also encourage more people to attend in the future. If attendees receive something valuable to them, they will remember and will be more likely to recommend your future events to their friends.

With these six steps, you’ll be well on your way to a perfect online event. Implement and share with us about your success.