Tips to increase your Smartphone & battery life.


Have you ever got in panic, once your Smartphone is out of charge and visiting be dead once you seriously must use it?

Is your Smartphone battery of already low within the afternoon while you absolutely charged it in the morning?

I’m pretty Sure that most of you must have intimate with similar situations. I will suggest you to go for Gocrust Covers and Cases

So, here are few tips to how to increase your Smartphone’s battery life.

  1. Dim Screen Brightness

Obviously, dimming your smartphone screen can cut back the facility consumption and can help you to save lot of power

Keep this in mind that, the screen uses major portion of your Smartphone’s juice.

  1. Try to keep your phone Cool

Many individuals already understand that effort the Smartphones within the heated automobile could cause poor battery life.

This is really true; high temperature causes to cut off the battery’s overall quality and life.

This doesn’t mean your battery are going to be in higher condition if you reside in North Pole or South Pole, however keeping your Smartphone far from heated fast up automobile will certainly facilitate your Smartphone’s battery life.

  1. Don’t worry concerning overcharging.

Most Smartphones use lithium-ion batteries nowadays. This suggests that you don’t have to fret concerning partial charge. However the lithium-ion is smart, enough to stop charging itself from overcharging (after the battery is completely charged, Smartphone doesn’t charge anymore /use the battery, but they just convert the device into a ‘connected’ mode), thus partial/overcharging isn’t a serious downside anymore.

  1. Kindly turn off the options which you don’t use frequently.

The options/features like Bluetooth, GPS location service, or Wi-Fi, when you don’t use it TURN THEM OFF as a result of your Smartphone uses a lot of power to hunt for those applications. Plus, once you’re in poor-signal area try to use Airplane mode.

  1. Make use of battery case or try external charger.

If your battery consumption is over others or your battery is simply too old, get battery case. There are numerous selections of battery cases within the market. You may wish to anticipate obtaining a conveyable external charger. It comes with universal USB adapters.