Top phone apps to improve project management productivity


In recent years mobile phones have improved significantly. They have powerful processors and boast extensive connectivity – and they truly are the indispensable tool that allow you to keep in touch with everything that is going on in the office, no matter where in the world you are. Here, we take a look at some of the top phone apps that can really help you improve your project management productivity. Whilst there are plenty of benefits to be had from a project management training course the extra help of a handy app could be invaluable. (Android, iOS: Free)

It is very easy to forget the tasks you need to accomplish, especially when you are busy but is a great schedule that can help you keep on top of everything – it has to do list, reminders, notes and even the ability to share lists and assign tasks to other members of your team. You can sync your phone with your desktop or almost any other tech that you are using to keep everything up to date. There is also a handy voice entry feature which can be very useful when you are on the go. There are both free and premium versions of this app available.

Word, Excel & Powerpoint (Android, iOS: Free)

Never underestimate the power of the apps that you, probably, already have access to. Microsoft Office have been the gold standard in desktop productivity for so long that its easy to forget you can also use them on your mobile. The apps have been put together with the ability to provide maximum file compatibility making it a great way to interface with the things on your desktop. The free tier is reasonable for basic editing and viewing but if you want to do more then you need an Office 365 subscription.

Otter Voice Notes (Android, iOS: Free)

Voice assisted note taking is a very handy app for the mobile user, and Otter Voice Notes is a great one to help you with this. Whether you want to record from a Bluetooth device or viz the internal mic in your phone. Your work is automatically transcribed, with punctuation, and offers you other features such as searchable playback. These transcripts can then be exported or even shared with a group. There is a free version which offers users 600 minutes of transcribed audio per months and a subscription which allows up to 6000 minutes per month.

Cloze (Android, iOS: monthly subscription)

One of the benefits of project training is understanding just how important it is to be able to access your contacts quickly and efficiently. Cloze can help you keep track of everyone, it syncs the details of your contacts from all sources ensuring the information that you have is up to date and you can find everyone quickly when ever you need them. 

So there you have it – some great apps for the savvy project manager – which one/s will you choose?