Leading Biometric authentication system by Gtriip

Let’s step into the future of technology in our present with Gtriip! The world-class identity verification system is here to upfront your performance in this competitive era. While the world is taking a downfall, we have decided to upgrade you with the latest facial recognition system. Face IDs are now extensively used in smart devices like smartphones to access them. It is gaining wide importance as it is secure and convenient.

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Facial Verification System –

Now, this facial access control technology is emerging as a boon to access physical spaces as well. The credit goes to it being a health-conscious solution and offering incredible security. Before hopping onto this latest technology, you need to be first clear with its operation and benefits. Face identification provides safe and contactless access for offices (https://www.gtriip.com/office ). Instead of keys, the camera-based reader passes on the information to the hosts for granting access to the user.

Advantages of facial identity verification technology –

  • Touch less access to entry points
  • No physical documentation is required for verification
  • No need to carry the keys or fumble with them at the entry point
  • Self-verification by users
  • Digital keys are being allotted for seamless entry and exit
  • Better management of front office duties

Maintaining your guest’s confidentiality –

Why stock up your reception register with your guest’s details which is almost accessible to anyone out there? This isn’t just time consuming and unsafe but not ethical too. The personal details of the guests have to be kept confidential at any cost. Anyone can access these registers and steal their information. Further, this information can be used for any inappropriate purpose.

To maintain the privacy and security of your customers, you need to hire technology that is completely safe and not accessible to everyone. Opting for digital real-time database management for your guests is a much reliable option. Be smart Go digital!


Covid -19 calls for some special precautions to keep you safe from it. Gtriip facial access is being recognized as a mainstream technology for this pandemic due to various reasons like –

  • Touchless access which is necessary for the current scenario
  • Need for digital verification systems in corporate offices
  • A single selfie can become their identity proof
  • Secure and private identity verification platform
  • The accuracy is far better than that of physical verification and other digital identification systems.
  • Online hotel check-in, https://www.gtriip.com/hotel/

Gtriip is an integrated brand of qualified technical professionals and essential resource persons. Trevo and Aegis by Gtriip are biometric compatible software. They let the professionals decide whom to let in and whom not to. The smart access control features by Gtriip are the ones to fall for. Let’s choose the best!