VideoDuke: the best Mac app to download video fast

If you are downloading a 4K video or an MP4 video from the internet, then Mac users can be sure that VideoDuke will definitely make the process much easier. The application VideoDuke makes sure that the speed and quality of the video are up to the mark. The best thing about VideoDuke is that you get multiple options to choose from and you can set different resolutions and speed of the video download. You will also get some additional advantages which are playlist, channels, and subtitles. These features will only be available if you are downloading any video from YouTube.

There is another option where you can integrate your browser which will help you to work without any problems. You can become much more flexible. All the other competitors of VideoDuke is not so much flexible. This application is compatible with all the popular websites which include Daily Motion, YouTube, Vimeo from the application. There are a lot of options which are available which can only be understood after using this application. This is a one-stop solution for all types of video download needs of a Mac user. There are two modes available. If you want to go for the simple mode, you can download it simply without any issue. For the advanced mode, you can simply go to the official website and then download all the extensions which are available for the advanced mode. If you are only using this application for downloading simple videos, then the simple mode will be more than enough for you. To download videos with more perfection, use the advanced VideoDuke.

Steps to follow for downloading YouTube fast videos on MacOS

YouTube is one of the most popular video sharing platforms which is very popular globally. You can access YouTube from the VideoDuke interface itself. After hearing about all the features you might end up thinking that it is a very complicated application but that is not true. Here we have given a guide on how you can download videos from YouTube so that you get a clear idea on how user-friendly the entire application is how you can download videos.

  1. Look for the VideoDuke package and download it in your Mac. Install the package in your system.
  2. Launch the application and choose the YouTube option when it pops up. If you have a video on YouTube with its link you can simply paste it in the search tab of VideoDuke.
  3. Locate the video and press on download.
  4. The video will be downloaded in the Download folder on your system. The location can be changed from the Preferences option.
  5. There are a lot of resolutions so that you can download them in different resolutions.

If you are looking for options to download video fast on Mac, then VideoDuke will be a perfect solution to your problem. You can download images, videos, and channels with the help of just one application.